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Push, Pull, Swing Challenge 2024

Attention: Sign Up Now For Our New Challenge! 

We start Monday April 29th as a community!

Each sign up option has different features and benefits!! 

This is one of the most effective, results driven, full body designs I've offered in a challenge format. I can not wait to dive deep in to this one with all of you! What a great way to get our spring training on in a very intentional way. 

You will be absolutely amazed at the sculpting, strength building, and all over body changes you'll achieve! 

 The newest 21 Day option is truly one of the most habit building, full body strengthening, and conditioning programs that will make big changes each day! 

The older BASIC version we offer is totally free and is not an every day program. Current playground members automatically get the SILVER up-leveled option as part of their membership here. If you're not a member you can still access this with a fee... or brace yourself... we are cracking the doors open here just for a few days for those who would like to take advantage of the Playground discounts and multiple programs we offer. 

Tap the sign up options to be taken to the PDF where the links are live and take you to exactly where you want to go!!! Or read below!

OLDER VERSION here - 16 days - 4 weeks


Playground Members Get Access with their Membership here

Want to become a member? Doors are cracked open just for a few days here


UP-LEVEL NEWEST VERSION with a Private Coaching Call!

Playground Members Get the Vip Option heavily discounted with their Membership (members only

Have questions? I mean any and all questions! 


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