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The 21 Day Squat Challenge - Registration now open

  Welcome to the 7th Annual 21 Day Squat Challenge! And yes it's totally Free!  SIGN UP HERE TODAY SO YOU SHOW UP 2022 BOLD AND READY! The Challenge will be short and sweet each day for 21 days!  This is why it works sooooo well! If this is your first, second, third, fourth or fifth Squat Challenge, WELCOME! If this is your first time joining the 21 Day Squat Challenge, WELCOME! You are about to enter the best FREE challenge of your lifetime. You are in the perfect place!  Once you sign up and the challenge begins on January 1st, I will load an instructional video to squat along side you in the comfort of your home. You get to choose the squat of your choice, or change it up whenever you want! Don't know how to squat? Don't worry, check out some of the squat videos below. It is also a nice refresher to see what to expect with the 21 Day Squat Challenge. Did I mention it is also FREE? Want an extra bonus along with the physical and emotional benefits of a squat challen