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REAL Results from Kettlebell Incinerator - 6lbs of fat lost in less than 4 weeks!

I'd like to share an email with you that I received out of the blue. I know many people would like to feel comfortable in their own skin. It's ok to have goals for yourself. After all, you only get one body. I've always been a huge advocate for strength and mobility, but let's face it, people want to feel good in their own skin. Training with Kettlebell Incinerator - the super quick workouts gave Rhonda these results. She's super busy full time working mom and she was able to squeeze this in, in less than 4 weeks. Here's her email and how she did it!  Hi Lauren, I finished the Incinerator Advanced Rotation program and wanted to share some thoughts :-) Amazing. Just amazing.  I waited for this cutting program since I finished BeSlam2 and it was even better than I imagined. As you know, I have been on a journey to get comfortable in my skin again. I keep slipping in the areas that matter most, namely nutrition and generally from stress. I have als

Ten Day Tabata Challenge

Tabata training rocks and it's a very simple and easy way to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic system in as little as 4 minutes a day! I know, it's almost too good to be true.  Here's how it works! All you have to do is pick between 1-4 exercises to perform a 20 second interval of hard work with a 10 second interval of rest. The chosen exercise or exercises should be intense enough to truly challenge you. The coolest part of Tabata training is you're done in 4 minutes! That's right just 4 minutes of training can get you incredible results with an increased metabolism, cardiovascular and muscular system! Quick History of where Tabata came from Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese scientist, along with his research team from the National Insist of Fitness Sports in Tokyo discovered tabata training. They conducted a research study with two groups. Group 1 worked out at a moderate intensity level for one hour 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Group 2 worked out at

How Martha Got Her Life Back

This is a true story about Martha, an attorney and mother of 2. Martha suffered from debilitating postpartum depression, 50+ pound weight gain during and after her pregnancy, and many injuries to go with it.  Martha came to me 8 weeks after giving birth to her 2nd baby.  She could  hardly get back up from an assisted Squat or do a push-up against a wall. Fast forward today, she is  squatting with 80+ pounds for reps and can knock out over 15 reps of hard core real MAN pushups.  She can perform a Get Up with a 44lb bell, Double Press the 35lb bells and Double Deadlift 88lb's in each hand. This didn't come easy for her.  Please take the time to read her incredible story. I have now renamed Martha "Martha the Machine". You will see Martha in the Power, Strength & Burn Series in the online class community - Lauren's Playground . She has earned her stripes and has made one of the most incredible transformations I've ever witnessed both inside and o

Lauren's Playground - Bringing you Online Classes, Programs, and Recipes in the Raw!

The place where you'll never do anything half glutes™ TRAIN WITH LAUREN BROOKS anywhere in the world! After many years of working hard to come up with a solution that can bring new and fresh workouts to you anywhere in the world with access 24 hours a day... I'm proud and excited to announce the solution is finally here!   Custom live classes can now be easily accessed to you any time or any place in the world. I'm ecstatic to finally be able to deliver you something in the raw that can work for anyone! I call it "Lauren's Playground" because I feel like I'm playing when I'm training. I want you to feel like you're playing too!  In this playground we will continue to release great deal of content which will include follow along workouts, instructional videos, written workouts which coincides with the videos in an OnDemand delivery system. PLUS there will be a new program brought to you each and ever month with s