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How To Do Single Leg Deadlifts

28 DAY SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT  JOIN US HERE CHALLENGE OPTIONS BELOW SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT VARIATIONS and Instruction Tutorials below. Get started today! J OIN OUR FREE SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT CHALLENGE HERE AND RECEIVE A VIDEO EACH AND EVERY DAY! WHY YOU NEED SINGLE LEG DEADLIFTS Best glute enhancer/builder/strengthener/lifter exercise on the planet!!  Creates Amazing Balance work Develops Grounding skills  Strengthens the ankles and feet. Increases breathing and focus Incredible Grip and Lat training activator  Improves Oblique and core stabilization when using one bell or uneven bells Did I mention it develops an incredibly looking and functional rear? Not convinced to learn these? Check out how to get started with your Single Leg Deadlift journey with video instructions below. For specific written instruction it's all laid out in my " Kettlebells For Women " book. Men have used it with tons of success as well! Uneven Double Single

Around The World - Great Kettlebell Warm up!

Try this simple warm up I call Around the Worlds. Great for the core! This will be used in Kettlebell Incinerator. Warning: I have seen bells fly away with this drill so be careful and start light and make sure you distance yourself or do this on ground that can handle a dropped bell. Enjoy! #laurenbrooksfitness #laurensplayground #shutupandtrain #kettlebellworkout #warmups #fitfam #fitmoms #kettlebells #englishbulldogs A video posted by Lauren Brooks (@laurenbrooksfitness) on Jan 23, 2016 at 1:30pm PST