The Perfect Push-Up Challenge with Lauren Brooks

About the PERFECT Push-up Challenge

I've seen a lot of push-ups in my day. Unfortunately most of them end of looking a bit like the photo below. This is not a perfect push-up. In fact it's an injury waiting to happen. To avoid having a push-up that looks like the photo below, it's very important to understand what a push-up is first. I was asked by many people to run a push-up challenge, however, I hesitated for months. I've finally decided to put one on but under one condition  They must be lower reps and perfect! 

Having a strong PERFECT push-up is truly an important factor. When practiced properly you'll find the push up an incredible exercise that strengthens your entire abdominal muscles, triceps, deltoids, serratus anterior, pecs, lats and did I say core? The abs alone become powerful when push-ups are practiced properly. You will also build some lean muscle mass which will end up increasing your metabolism. The coolest part of these is you can basically do them anywhere and any time! Even if you think you're years away from a proper push-up I have many modifications that will get you there!


How Can I Get Started? I can't seem to do even ONE push-up!

Here are two ways to start that I'm going to show you in the videos below

Push-Up Progressions and Getting Started
(Especially for post pregnancy and C-sections)

The Assisted Perfect Push-Up

I'm a MASTER at Push-Ups - How can I challenge myself?

Congratulations on having a perfect push-up on the floor! If traditional push ups are too easy you can make them harder in many ways! A few examples are
  •  Put your feet on a higher surface
  • Place hands on a suspension trainer 
  • Add an explosive component with a clap 
  • One arm push ups and progressions. 

The PERFECT Push-up Challenge

INSTRUCTIONS: Find the position or surface that allows you to perform a perfect push up for your level. Break down the push up in as many sets as you need to maintain PERFECT alignment and form. In the challenge I broke down a safe way to get better at your push up goals with low reps. 

Remember, if your lower back sags and your neck and traps are doing the work, then this is not considered a push up. In fact you're teaching yourself a pattern that will hurt you more than help you down the road. Those reps do not count!

As you begin to feel STRONGER and can complete your perfect push up, you can change your surface for something lower or find a more challenging push up progression that forces you to only practice several perfect reps at a time. Just like the squat challenge, break up the reps in to as many sets as you need. 

"Easy" Push-up Progression week (example: higher surface or thick band)

Day 1 - 4/3/3/2 =12
Day 2 - 5/4/3/2 = 14
Day 3 - 5/5/4/2 =16
Day 4 - rest
Day 5 - 6/5/5/3 = 19
Day 6 - 7/6/5/3 = 21
Day 7 - Rest

More Challenging Progression Push-up week (example: lower surface or thinner band)

Day 8 - 4/3/3/2 = 12
Day 9 - 5/4/3/2 = 14
Day 10 -5/5/4/2 =16
Day 11 - Rest
Day 12 - 5/5/5/4 =19
Day 13 - 6/5/5/4 = 20
Day 14 - Rest

Challenging Progression Push-up Week (example: even lower surface than week before or thinner band)

Day 15 - 4/3/2/1 = 10
Day 16 - 4/3/2/2 = 11
Day 17 - 4/3/3/2 = 12
Day 18 - Rest
Day 19 - 5/4/3/2 = 14
Day 20 - Rest
Day 21 - Test your push up rep goal with what you started with OR see if you can get your "progression" goal. (example 30 reps of push ups in a row OR 1-2 reps One arm push ups per side)

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Kettlebell Figure 8's and Figure 8's to Hold - Quick Video Tutorial

"Kettlebell Figure 8's" and "Figure 8's to Hold" Quick Tutorial

Yes I chopped my hair off but that's not what this is about! :) The first video is a tutorial of the Figure 8 Kettlebell exercise. The next video is a tutorial for the Figure 8's to hold. Both great for coordination, core, hand 2 hand practice, warm up or part of a training session. These exercises are utilized well in the brand new DVD Kettlebell Incinerator

- Use a very light bell when first starting with these.

- Maintain a flat back, like you would with the Kettlebell swing

- Pass the bell back between your legs to your other hand and swing it away from your knee cap and around your leg. 

- Have FUN and don't forget to breathe.

Figure 8's to Hold 

Last week I went over the Kettlebell Figure 8's. I'm now building on. This takes it to the hold position. We do this in our upcoming DVD Kettlebell Incinerator. 

- Use a light bell
- Maintain a flat back, like you would with the Kettlebell Swing
- Pass the bell back between your legs to the other hand and swing it away from your knee and up towards your opposite shoulder.
- Catch the bell in the palm of your free hand while maintaining the grip hold on the bell. 
- Push the bell away and back through your legs with the hand gripping the bell.
- Have Fun!


Mobility with weights. Try this fun little warm on for size.

Windmill to an overhead squat. You can alternate 3-5 per side or do them all on one side.