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Kettlebell Incinerator Workout DVD

KETTLEBELL INCINERATOR - NEW DVD BY LAUREN BROOKS PRE-ORDER*  your copy  here  for $10  off!  TO CELEBRATE MOTHER'S DAY Take 40% off all of our other DVD's when you Pre-order this DVD. Code: 40off for our other DVD's .  *DVD's estimated ship time is about 3 weeks We ship ALL OVER THE WORLD! Coded for ALL REGIONS. Lauren does it again with her star students who have literally transformed, stronger than ever before and are walking testimonies of Lauren’s training system. 6 Follow along Intense Fat-burning Workouts Warmup Included 2 DISC collection 6 Week Rotation Program for all levels included in the case PRE-ORDER*  your copy  here  for $10  off!  TO CELEBRATE MOTHER'S DAY Take 40% off  our other popular DVD's when you Pre-order this DVD.  Code: 40off for our other DVD's .    GET YOUR COPY  H ERE

The Snatch Challenge (or 1 Arm Swing)

The SNATCH ( OR 1 ARM SWING ) CHALLENGE #TheSnatchChallenge For those just tuning in, I want you to pay attention to the slow motion part of the video. If you're looking to refine your snatch notice a few things here. 1. The depth of my back swing. Notice how the kettlebell is completely on the other side of my body, but my shoulders and lats are still engaged. 2. Take inventory of what my hand and Arm do at the top of the movement. This is essentially the end of the snatch and the "rest" position. On a side note: Make sure you can do lots of waiter walks with a perfect lockout before attempting your snatch journey. 3. Watch what my elbow does on the downward movement. It bends on the way up and down to control the arc of the kettlebells. 4. Last thing for now 😳Keep a nice slow pace yourself at first! When doing high reps, don't rush and get them done as fast as possible when first embarking on higher reps or a ne

The Simple Pull Up Guide For Women

Pull Up Guide For Women (ebook and video guide) Many females have the misconception that women don't have the upper body strength to achieve a pull up. I'm here to tell you that mind set is a bunch of baloney. I've taught thousands of women, distant and in person, how to achieve and master pull ups. To my amazement many begin in their 40's, 50's and even 60's successfully reaching their very first chin/pull up. There is no reason you have to fear the bar. There is no reason you can't begin your pull up journey.  If you're looking for a guide that has a magical gimmick and will promise you pull ups in 30 days without any work, this is not the guide for you. Although some people can get pull ups in less than 30 days, that is not a realistic time frame. Everyone achieves a pull up at their own pace. If you're looking for a realistic path that lays out appropriate stepping stones that will literally build you a pull up strong body by building y