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My Next Chapter Begins.......

The Next Chapter Life after divorce I write this knowingly that I may be judged harshly by some. I am writing this to share something very deep and personal to my readers. In the early stages of my writing I was an open book with my life and I shared somewhat more personal stories. In many posts I spoke about a range of topics including my fears of pregnancy and getting my fitness shape back after having C-sections and other significant events in my life. I've made some shifts the last couple of years with my writing. I chose to use more of an informative and dryer tone sticking to subjects regarding strength training, kettlebell tutorials, and inspirational students or recipes. I'm finally ready to take the risk to open up to everyone and share with you a glimpse of my new life. Ending A Marriage A couple of years ago my marriage ended and I became a single parent. The moment we separated I felt as if I jumped off the highest bridge and dove head first

Awesome Ab Exercise

SkateCore™ Ab Exercise with Lauren Brooks  Try this incredible core strengthening exercise utilizing a skateboard. My students continue to achieve results very quickly with this approach. Let us know what you think!! These kind of exercises are seen in our newest DVD Kettlebell Revelation. Here are the skateboards we enjoy using.

Push-up using a Skateboard. Enjoy this Push-up Variation

If you are ready to take your push-up to the next level, here is one that I truly enjoy! Try this SkateCore™ Push-up Variation This can also help you on your way to One Arm Push-Ups If you want to see more SkateCore exercises you can find them on our newest release Kettlebell Revelation . Here are the skateboards we recommend.