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My Favorite Things (outside of Kettlebells)

The EmPack - The Workout Pack you can take anywhere!

Watch the video to see how this incredible backpack turns in to a weighted vest, dumbbell, kettlebell, sandbag. Get creative it's your whole gym. You can even stick you InertiaWave inside along with your jump rope for the ultimate experience. No excuses now on not having your gym with you. This can replace a kettlebell and dumbbell on your travel vacations. I wish I had one of these years ago. 

Watch this second video below for a ton of exercise ideas

Good news is you can get 10% off now with the code: EMPOWER right through this link here

This is the best gift you can give to yourself or any of your active friends. Especially parents who are always taking their little kids to the park. You can stick all of their snacks inside, water bottle and get your workout on!


The FRÉ Christmas offer: 25% off on all products and free Argan oil ðŸŒ± for any set purchased!

Code is LAURENBFIT is 25% off
Link is
 The first product that actually works on my skin. Designed for skin that sweats!

I’m an outdoor girl or let’s say woman. I love it so much that the gym I run is outdoors! Sweating and sun is my life. However, my skin hasn’t loved my lifestyle. From breakouts to dryness it’s been hard to find something that actually works. Well I figured it was about time I tell you...

This is a first in my fitness career to post about skin. I can’t tell you how many skin products I’ve tried and been asked to review. I can’t tell you how many suncreens and various products I’ve tried. I actually gave up on sunscreen for awhile because I kept breaking out after using it. I was so frustrated! Being an outdoor woman who works, trains and practically lives outside, I decided to give FREskincare 30spf Protect me a try. 

FREskincare is actually designed for people who workout and sweat. 
I have so much fun using FreSkinCare I actually look forward to it. Not only does It smell impeccable but it’s truly made to prevent breakouts, sun damage, dehydration and signs of aging. It’s working and I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks! Being almost 40 I need it all!

The coolest part is what the company stands for! It’s 100% vegan and cruelty free and made from amazing ingredients. Even an Argan tree is planted in Morocco to empower women communities that harvest their core ingredient Argan, and to protect the environment, each time a skincare set is purchased. 

Friends, If you want to try this must have routine for women who sweat, take 15% off using this special code: LAURENBFIT at @freskincare or you can find a 15% off discounted link in my profile links. 
 You’ll see and feel what I mean. 😘

Hey beautiful people! I can’t tell you how many suncreens I’ve tried. I actually gave up on sunscreen for awhile because I kept breaking out after using it. I was so frustrated! Being an outdoor woman who works, trains and practically lives outside, I decided to give FREskincare 30spf Protect me a try. 

Good news! No break outs from using this sunscreen! It’s been almost a month. This is a first! I’m such a believer in the entire @freskincare line that..... wait for it...:.: I’m now an official ambassador! 🎉🍾

What does that mean you ask? It means that I endorse this vegan and cruelty free skin care line, that is specifically formulated for skin that sweats. It’s designed to prevent break outs, dehydration and premature aging. So far I can vouch for all 3! Happy camper over here! 

Taking care of my body has always been super important. Now that I’m less than a year from 40 I need to be more serious about skincare! 

Do you like STEALS? If so, you can get this amazing stuff, y’all know I wouldn’t back up anything I didn’t believe in! Take 15% off with code: LAURENBFIT with all @freskincare 


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