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Shut Up and Train Article and Brand New Tank Tops

I recently wrote an article called Shut Up and Train, which can be seen in the upcoming June/July edition of My Mad Methods Magazine  that is on sale now.  The philosophy of this magazine is based upon the concept of Unconventional training.  This speaks to me on a personal level since I didn't grow up in a conventional way.  In fact, I had quite an unconventional childhood and have continued this way in to my adult life.  Many may think this could scar a child or cause instability due to being raised under different circumstances than the typical American family.  Becoming the product of an unconventional upbringing has carried over in to a profound way of adapting easily. Thinking outside the box and has allowed me to embrace these methods of training as a way of life with an openmind.   Shut Up and Train is an attitude driven article from the past 14 years I've been listening to every excuse in the book of why one doesn't commit to training.  It's taken me t