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How 7 Days of Kettlebell Swings Changed Lives

THE SUMMER SWING CHALLENGE WAS EXTREMELY IMPACTFUL  IN JUST 7 DAYS!  "I've loved it. I have seen my body change physically over the last couple of days, while I've also seen my mind change as well." Rochele T. How was your experience with the Swing Challenge ?  Here are some of the life changing responses in the Lauren Brooks Fitness Challenge Facebook group!   

Super Strong, Toned, Pain Free, and More energetic thanks to Kettlebell Training and Lauren's Playground

"Within the last year I have TONED, become more MUSCULAR than I have ever been! I don't have pain any more and my elbow issues are gone!" Eloise K. England I couldn’t be more proud to celebrate Eloise! Check out her journey from when she started Lauren’s Playground one year ago to now! From no energy with pain and weakness to strong, more energy than she knows what to do with, muscular, toned up, and super strong! “I'm 37, I had tennis elbow on my right arm and a left hip that was always nagging with pain from sitting so much for work. I also always had a sore right shoulder. I don't have pain any more and my elbow issues are gone, even though I do tons of pull ups and presses and snatches I have ZERO issues in my shoulder. When I started last year I had very little energy and I didn’t have strength. I couldn't do a push-up, a pull-up or many swings. I've been awakened to mobility and the way you integrate it, is just perfect. I’ve become aware

The Kettlebell Swing Challenge

GRAB YOUR SPOT FREE SPOT  HERE Starts Monday June 14th Watch intro video here Receive 1 video inside your portal every day for 7 days.  After the 7 days you will feel  STRONGER all over your entire body from head to toe! MORE ENERGY and a sense of accomplishment. CONDITIONED - swings not only help you become stronger but you’ll also condition your heart rate! POWERFUL - you will have more explosive hip power after practicing variations for 7 days in a row. MOBILE - with all of my workouts we sneak in mobility and recovery drills so you feel loose, mobile,  and engaged in the places.  BETTER POSTURE - Swings along with the combo drills I’ll be adding in to our short challenges each day will open you up and help you stand taller! FAT LOSS and TONED - 7 days of swings alone can definitely help your body become a fat burning machine. This will be the start of your journey and once you see how amazing it feels in such a short a amount of time you won’t want to stop training.  SHORT se

From Back Pain To Pain Free with Kettlebell Training

 " No more Tylenol and no more cortisone injections!!!" Read Kimberly's amazing and inspiring story! Don't forget to watch the video as well! “ I’m a 51 yr old woman and a mother of 12 yr old twins. I’ve been doing kettlebells with Lauren for at least 6 years and I usually take 3 months off every summer to travel. I started kettlebells because I had lower back problems . Most mornings I could not bend over to put on my pants. I also struggled with emptying the dishwasher. Everyday tasks were problematic for me. I’m also an active person and my back kept me from enjoying many activities. I also had twins at home that needed me to be physically fit to take care of them. My Dr told me I had degenerative disk disease in my lower back along with arthritis. I had a prescription for 800mg Tylenol and I also started getting cortisone injections into my lower back. After a few years of cortisone shots and Tylenol I heard about Lauren. I was definitely scared

5 year Anniversary of Lauren's Playground

Standing here today at almost 42 yrs old, I never dreamed of feeling as elated as I am now! We are under the illusion that after kids and especially once we turn 40, everything goes down hill! I certainly don't feel that way and if you do, please know that you don't have to feel that way anymore! I knew I loved training people, but I have to pinch myself as to how much the impact really has been since opening the doors to Lauren's Playground. 5 years ago this month, I opened the doors to an online gym that has turned in to a transformational life changing community for people all over the world. This entire month I’m celebrating a dream that came true and turned out better than I could’ve ever imagined. Celebrating the incredible students inside Lauren’s Playground is such a beautiful thing! This month I bask in the joy of knowing I’ve done EVERYTHING in my power to coach, guide, love, transform, and serve my Playground community. I remember when the doors first opened I