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Member Spotlight - Cathy, 57 years old, mom of 2, Full Body Transformation Story!

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Meet Cathy Schlaht Began her training at 54 years old!  Left - Before Discovering Playground Strength       Right - After, consistency,  and 30+ pounds lighter A few words from Cathy Schlaht “I cannot believe how much I have transformed and how I know I can continue to gain strength and sculpt. You have the formula! No matter where someone is starting from, they will gain strength. Losing weight is a side effect and the amount you lose will depend on how many small changes you are willing to make. I never lifted weights, never strength trained in my life, never belonged to a gym. If I can attain these changes everyone can!! Lauren will meet you where you are and help you if you have pain or lack of mobility. This is her magic!! If you are ready to transform your mind and body, join us. You will feel supported by the community in Lauren’s Playground and we have the most caring, grounded and inspiring coach!!” Watch her video here!  Cathy, a dentist and a mother of 2, b

52 yrs old and is Stronger Now Than Ever Before

Meet 52 yr old, Dionne, and member of Lauren’s Playground ! Dionne is 52 in 2 days and feels stronger than she ever has in her whole life. She started liking training again, after hating it during her basketball days, when she went to grad school and took up running and weights.  Dione says: “My main focus had always been cardio up to this point. I completed two half marathons & then decided never again. I wanted to move on to challenging myself to get strong & lean, not just lean. I've been using your workouts since your 1st DVD and have never looked back. They give me a great workout whenever I need it. Once I joined the Playground, however, things took off ,  doing different types of strength exercises (e.g., TX trainer,  battle ropes) to supplement my kettlebell training, and t he power of group support was all new. I didn’t realize I was suppose to be going up in weight. All this has changed and I'm benefiting from doing/having all three. I feel strong an

Featuring Melanie, Mother of 2, Transformed her body with Smart Kettlebell Training and Donna, grandmother, 63 years young stronger than ever before!

Time to be inspired by 2 incredible women! If you want to be on board with the transformative smart workout sessions and community, you won't want to miss this. Today is the day! Meet Melanie, mother of 2 boys, she has been training with programs inside Lauren's Playground and in person for 2 years! Melanie is an avid fitness guru. In fact, she was a personal trainer for 8 years. She spent her days doing cardio classes, sometimes 2 HIIT sessions a day, training for marathons, and tracking her food religiously. Despite her incredible hard work ethic, she could not do a pull up, push up, and still carried around 15-20 extra pounds.  Melanie was frustrated as you can imagine, working so hard, restricting herself, , yet still not getting any where. Well... That is over. Watch her story here! Melanie, it has been an honor to be your strength coach, watch you completely transform your entire body from head to toe, your mind, and way of life.  To see you have the freedom to be relaxe

Training Smarter versus Harder

Just pondering on how lucky I feel to have found “smart” training, versus “hard” training. My body, along with most of my clients bodies, have responded VERY well… to the point that people stop them all the time and ask them how they look so strong and young! Yeah none of us have to kill ourselves in our sessions. In fact half the time we don’t even get sore. We have energy all day for the rest of the stuff we need to handle in life.  In all honesty  I don’t do “cardio”. I don’t track my food. I train in a Zen mode a few times a week and have a very minimalistic approach. Like VERY minimal!  I do put sleep as a priority in my life which is a big part of how one responds.  People assume I workout all day long. When in fact I barely train.  My days are spent training others, designing programs, raising kids, keeping a house hold together, and taking care of my 400+ members in Lauren’s Playground and On The Edge Fitness. I also now have time for friend meet ups, fun activities, and creati