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Mom of 3 Gets Her Life Back After A Motorcycle Accident

A touching story of inspiration.   Robyn, a single mother of 3 children, was in a horrible motorcycle accident. She was flown 40 yards from the back of a motorcycle.  Her life has never been the same.  Read how she powered through her struggles, needed multiple surgeries and rehab for her broken Femur.  She used kettlebells to make her comeback.  She has shown that there are truly no excuses! "Meant every word I have said.  Kettlebells and your videos have saved my life!" ---  Robyn  Hi Lauren,   I  don't know if you remember me but I wrote you a little over a year ago because I was involved in a bad motorcycle accident.   I had fractured my femur and had no idea what to expect about recovery.... It was a dark and scary point in my life.  I was in very good shape before the accident and used kettlebells daily, even the morning of the accident.  I remember laying in the hospital bed and all I could do was Russian twists and push presses in the beginning