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Meet 85 year old Kettlebell Coach - Wally Chute

Next time you're thinking you may be too old to commit to a training program or get started, I want you to think about Wally Chute, an active Kettlebell coach and lucky for me, a loyal subscriber to my newsletter/ articles. I figured it was time I highlight Wally for you all, to give you a little inspiration, to show you what you can accomplish and how powerful this well rounded training really is.  Then when you're done reading about Mr. Chute, check out a few announcements below! I always welcome feedback and comments. Thanks for reading! 

Meet Wally:

My name is Wally Chute, a certified 85 year old “kettlebell/bodyweight hybrid” instructor where, in earlier years, I taught  various other classes such as TBC (Total Body Conditioning), Boot camp, and a Medicine Ball class I assembled, where I filled our ballroom with participants (Fun, but still something missing)

As soon as the kettlebell gained momentum after Pavel’s introduction around 2001, I knew I could be on to something…I began studying the benefits and techniques not long afterwards, and then introduced the kettlebell to our seniors about 15 years ago…  


It started to gain momentum little by little as, yes, even our seniors began to see for themselves the benefits of training with a tool that emphasizes TOTAL “body conditioning“…I was careful to illustrate the basics very slowly and in detail…(Still do)…I could then incorporate bodyweight exercises which I feel complement the kettlebell beautifully…I also integrate specific balance exercises along with a cool down where we include both static and dynamic stretching (so important for seniors)


All my current classes include what I call the SUPERFECTA: CARDIO, STRENGTH TRAINING, BALANCE, AND FLEXIBILITY (STRETCHING)….In addition, I make certain each class includes the 3 planes of motion: Sagittal, Frontal, & transverse…


I have 14 versions of my class but the essential foundation exercises are included each session…Love to include Interval (Tabata), AMRAPS, Flows, etc. for some variety…I don’t want anyone to feel bored…


 At 85, if I can inspire more SENIORS to begin/continue their journey to a more healthy aging, then my time is well spent…The more participants the better!!!...I just abhor the declining health of so many seniors…It just doesn’t have to be that way!!!...

 I like to tell all my seniors that CONSISTENCY is key….A few seniors work out CONSISTENTLY and they usually become very good at it!...However, on the other hand, many seniors CONSISTENTLY make excuses, and they then become very good at that!!!

Thanks Lauren, you are the best…LOVE YOUR ARTICLES!!...Wally Chute


Kettlebell Dictum:


You can email Wally here…if you're interested in signing up for his zoom kettlebell 


BE SLAM REMASTERED - the 12 Week Strength and Conditioning program that with 12 Follow Along Video workouts, will be opening up for registration in just a few days.... This will be recommended for many starting soon!!!!
Goals & Guidance Session for Playground Members - August 26th at 12pm PT Zoom invite here

PLAYGROUND LITE is now Open! The simple monthly option where a new program is dropped in every 4-6 weeks. Right now Operation Abs is inside... Read more about what this entails here for shorter programs and less time commitment. 

No Class on Zoom or In Person on Labor Day September 5th! 

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