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Meghan's Journey From Mom Pancake Butt To Kettlebell Butt - aka KettleBooty or KettleButt

Featuring Meghan Branlund "Training with Lauren has been life changing. After going through a divorce it helped me take my power back and learn my own strength"   aka Meghan Incorvaia Meghan struggled with strength most of her life. I had the privilege of working with this amazing woman who also happens to be an incredibly gifted artist. Meghan had recently went through a divorce with 2 young kids in tow. Meghan felt weak, suffered from back pain, lack of core connection, and wanted to make a big change! She began kettlebell strength training and movement patterns right before her 36th birthday. Her main goal was to lift, enhance, and tone her butt. She wanted the "Beyonce Booty". :) So in addition to helping Meghan find her outer strength, strength the crap out of her core, and lifting heavier than she ever thought possible, Meghan has also made the changes in her lovely Glutes as shown in the photo below.  I look forward to seeing what's to come over the next

50 Pull Ups on Kari's 49th Birthday

Kari Miller didn't achieve her first pull up until she was in her early 40's. In fact she was sick almost her entire 30's. In between having kids and being in bed from a sickness her doctors couldn't figure out, she was frail and weak. It wasn't until she figured out that her body didn't digest gluten well and it was the main cause of her severe illness. Causing her to miss important events and miss out on life. Once she could stand up straight again she began training with Lauren Brooks in person using Kettlebell fitness and various strength training protocols. This resulted in her achieving her first pull up at 42. Then by 43 was able to do 6 pull ups. Kari has requested to celebrate her birthday in pull up reps. It's been an honor to see her commitment to showing up to live classes 3 times per week. Kari has never felt stronger and more confident in her whole life. She credits the programming and instruction with kettlebell strength training for

Lauren's Playground Doors are now Open - Last time to join before 2021

Today is a day of many firsts!  Not only is it the FIRST Day of FALL 🍁  it's  the first day of IN PERSON school for one of my four kids.  (Wishing the students and teachers the absolute best) Not gonna lie. I’m super nervous. I’m also feeling very joyful and excited. The third reason I’m jumping out of my skin, is because today is also the FIRST official day of open registration for Lauren’s Playground. It will close in 5 days and won’t open again until 2021! I always get very excited welcoming new students to our community and online gym. Fall feels special to me, because it's a is a time where the mornings feel crisper and cooler. It’s the time where we bust out our pumpkin candles and are surrounded by the colors of red, orange, brown, and black.   It can bring a sense of renewal and can be the perfect time to close one chapter and open up a new one. It’s the time to work on setting new goals, becoming stronger and fitter than ever, to not only feel INCREDIBLE and CONFIDENT

Single Leg Deadlift with One Leg Clean and Press

Do your kettlebells feel too light for you? Are you looking for a bit more of a challenge with a full body strength and balanced workout session you can do with your light Kettlebell?  If so, check out this video below.  Try these Single Leg Deadlift variations to a one arm/one leg clean to a one leg press as shown in this video. Single Leg Deadlift to a One Leg Clean and Press (bell on inside of the leg) as shown in first part of video. 3-5 reps each side Single Leg Deadlift to a One Leg Clean and Press (bell on outside of the leg) 3-5 reps each side . As shown in second half of video. Try this for 3 sets and let me know how you do! Even though the kettlebell may be light, move slowly, get deep into the movement and most of all enjoy!

7 Day KettleButt Challenge

Join our 7 Day KettleButt Challenge For FREE!  Starts September 14th! Receive a video each day in your course portal. Just register for free here . If you've done our challenges or are a member, just sign in with the email and password you already  have. See you on the inside!  Spend less than 20 minutes a day strengthening, activating, and tightening your butt muscles with this challenge. This will be a  glute focused challenge  with a  7 day commitment. Each day you will receive  video  instructions on what to work on right here via this link once you register for free above.  If you're a playground member you will receive little bonuses at the end of each workout. Sign Up For Free today and save this link to access your challenge butt workout each day! Join our FREE Lauren Brooks Fitness Challenge Facebook group  here.  Special Bonus for Lauren's Playground members!