Kettlebell Workshop was a Success!

Lisa and I had a wonderful time working with this group of lovely ladies. Everyone did so well and actually seemed to have fun at the same time. I look forward to doing more workshops in the future. Lots more photos to come.

Workshop was 5 hours! The fact that I was 5 months pregnant didn't slow me down a bit. The energy from all the attendants and excitement kept me going. I could have kept going!

I want to thank Calvin Sun, an amazing Crossfit trainer and athlete for being their to help and take awesome pictures.
Thanks everyone and Lisa for a great weekend!


We had the BIG ultrasound. The sex of our baby is...

First let me start off saying my last pregnancy we did not find out the sex of the baby. It was a huge surprise when our baby girl was born, because everyone thought I was having a boy. The reason we decided to find out this time is for practical purposes. Such as, do we keep Lyla's clothes or give them away? What kind of room should we get ready for this baby? The free time I use to have just doesn't exist, more time is essential to get ready for this next one.

Yesterday was Ben's birthday (my husband) and we went in for a morning ultrasound appointment. I am measuring exactly at 20 weeks and the baby is 11 ounces. I kindly asked the ultrasound technician not tell us the sex of the baby and please write it down for us. She said she wrote it down on back of the photo in the envelope. She told us, it's never 100% accurate. I wanted to find out later that evening for his birthday dinner. Just to make it that much more special.

So to finally get to the point. We went to his favorite restaurant, Nobu sushi in Solana Beach. We sat at the sushi bar and waited to open up the envelope until we ordered our first round of food. We then open up the envelope and look on the back for the writing and there was no writing! We both looked at each other so shocked. Then we turned it around and in little tiny typing we see the word GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Lyla is going to have a baby sister. We are very happy!


Top Breakfast Choices and Why you shouldn't eat Cereal

People commonly ask me what I eat. How do you stay so lean? Well it all starts with a good breakfast in my opinion. Unfortunately our society has made us think that cereals found in a box are healthy for you. Then someone will say "But I eat shredded wheat and it's fortified with all of these vitamins and minerals." The truth about dry breakfast cereals is they are ALL overly processed. No matter if you get them in a health food store or at your local market, I would never recommend anyone dry breakfast cereal. Read the article below to see exactly why. There was also an interesting experiment done with rats that should be read as well.

Here is a link to the article by Sally Fallon called "Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry." Everyone should give this a read.

Now what do I recommend for breakfast?

Here are my top favorite suggestions for breakfast. My first one is my Power Smoothie that is filled with high quality protein (very minimally processed), the most natural vitamins, minerals, and good healthy fats. This is a staple for me for most days of the week.


1 Scoop Fit 365 (Grass Fed Whey)
1 Tbs Quantum Whey (pesticide free)
1 tsp Quantum Greens Powder (all my vitamins from the most natural sources including wheat grass, noni, oat grass, etc..)
1 Tbs  Flaxseed Oil
1 cup Frozen Berries
1/2 banana (When Pregnant or have a hard workout ahead of me)
6-8oz Cold Filtered Water

Blend Together with a hand blender or regular blender. It's such an awesome breakfast that has everything you need. In addition i always add and recommend to everyone 1/2 teaspoon of Max Stress B Vitamins separately in a 1/4 cup of water. This should also be taken one time at lunch.

ORGANIC ROLLED OATS with ground nuts (if you have more time)

1/3 cup of Rolled Oats cooked over the stove on medium with 2/3 cup of water (try and get certified Gluten Free Oats if gluten intolerant)
10 Walnuts ground in a food processor sprinkled in the cooked Oats
Splash of Almond Milk
Dash of Stevia

My other favorite breakfast is a Veggie Omelette, which is more for the weekends.

3 Organic Free Range Eggs
Grilled Mushrooms, Onions, Tomatoes, and Asparagus.

Sometimes I add 1 or 2 corn tortillas and a small side of black beans if I'm really hungry. Other times I'll have 1 slice of Low Sodium Ezekiel Bread with a light spread of Earth Balance butter.

For the 2 breakfasts mentioned above I'll take 1 tsp of Cod Liver Oil and Max Stress B Vitamins that give you the natural energy your body needs. No need for coffee when taking this form of B. Since i need my Greens at some point I'll take them in capsule form since I don't have a shake to blend it in. I'll usually take about 3 or 4 Quantum Greens Mix capsules for breakfast.

I used to be the typical American that lived off cereals. I thought I was really healthy because I would eat grape nuts or shredded wheat. Which are the healthier ones out of the bunch. In any case, as soon as I took the processed cereals out of my diet I noticed changes in my health immediately. My allergies were gone! I wasn't bloated anymore after breakfast and my body started to get leaner. I had some of my clients take cereals out of the diet and in just weeks they were getting leaner and had more energy.


Short Pregnancy Workout with Kettlebells and Body Weight

Under 20 minutes and felt perfect! 4 months pregnant and feeling good after this workout.

Joint Mobility Warm Up

Body Weight Back Lunges to a Kick. 15 reps per leg

2 Handed Kettlebell Swings 12kg's 20 reps

One Arm Rows 12kg 10 reps per arm

Kettlebell Push Ups 10 reps

Light Ab work on Bosu 20 reps

Repeated 3 times (took rests as needed)

FInished up

20 Snatches 12kg's 2 sets

Felt like just the right amount. Now I will have the added energy to get through my busy day. And even try and squeeze in a great walk later. Short workouts are ideal for pregnant women. Not too taxing but you can really push yourself enough for this short amount of time. Multiple workouts throughout the day are showing more increased energy rather than 1 long workout a day.


16 1/2 Weeks Pregnant and Growing

The lovely pregnancy side effects of constant peeing has hit me. Unfortunately this time I was not able to go back to sleep. It is now 3 a.m. I decided to get out of bed rather than laying there hoping to fall back asleep.

Life is on fast forward at this time. So I am actually enjoying sitting here peacefully with everyone asleep. The days just seem to fly by. With a full load of work, being a mom, a wife, staying active, and keeping up with friends socially, doesn't leave much down time. I can't complain because I am having a rather easy pregnancy right now. With staying as busy as I am, I hardly notice it except for my belly. I'm just so amazed how fast my belly popped out this time. My body knew exactly what to do as soon as it realized I was pregnant. Last pregnancy my stomach was not this big. Jeans are definitely getting tighter, but I guess that's what happens when you have a baby in your tummy!

Here is a bit of a recap from the last several weeks.

Went to a really good friends wedding in Reno the last weekend of July. It was a beautiful wedding. Lyla looked so cute in her little dress.

Bachelorette girl's weekend in Big Bear. I'm excited to be a bridesmaid in my good friend Rebecca's wedding. She chose to do a nice quiet relaxing weekend in Big Bear, California. We rented a cabin by the lake and it was an awesome time. Of course I couldn't go up to the cabin without a couple kettlebells. Some of us had a fun kettlebell morning workout. I had 2 Kettlebells for 3 of us so we did some circuits. You can see my belly!

Getting ready for a night in the town of Big Bear. Everyone drinking except me of course. 8-)

My Birthday Dinner. 29 years old. Once again, everyone drinking except for me. 8-(

How the overly proud parent in me comes gushing out. I just can't help myself but include all of these pictures of Lyla here. She is impressing me every day. She will now kiss me if I ask her for a kiss. It's the cutest thing in the world and I just melt. No words can explain this feeling. She is 19 months now!