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On The Edge Fitness KETTLEBELL STORE is Now Ready!

Kettlebells For Everyone Purchase any kettlebell or kettlebell package today and receive $5 off with on any or our results driven  kettlebell DVD s and our effective   Be SLAM  (Be Strong Like A Mother) program! These kettlebells have been tested by all private members in my classes , training sessions and me.  After spending 9 years trying and testing different types of kettlebells we have all come to an agreement that these kettlebells are the winner.   Not sure where to begin?   Click here and I'll show you Shopping for a Kettlebell Finding the right kettlebell can be very confusing. Knowing what sizes to purchase and brands to invest in can be very overwhelming. Generally when just beginning your journey you can purchase just one kettlebell. There is no pressure to rush and order several at a time. Developing strength will be an organic process when done correctly. You will know when you are ready to incorporate a heavier kettlebell into your p