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The New Be SLAM 2 - The Hottest New 12 Week Fitness Program

"Hi Lauren,  I had to write and tell you that last night I did my first ever, over hand pull up! ! Just like the pistol, it's not something I trained for, practiced, or attempted more than maybe once a year. I credit it entirely to your programming, particularly BeSLAM. I was 2/3 of the way through it for the 3rd time when SLAM 2 came out. Although, recently I've been able to consistently get 2-3, dead hand chin ups, I've never been able to get a pull up. I feel so incredibly badass!! Haha!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!  XOXOX" ~Eileen    Be SLAM 1 changed the game for you. It brought out strength that you didn’t think was possible! It's time to bring you the newest program that takes your training to the next level. By request I give you the most user friendly and in depth program I've ever released and this is for both men and women of all ages! TAKE $10 OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME WITH CODE: beslam2  Click here to get