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Squat Analysis - Which Squat is Right For You?

Hey y’all! A couple of weeks ago I shared a video representing two different styles of goblet squats and asked you all which you preferred. Well I have finally gotten around to my analysis and would love to share the video with you. You can watch it right here. 

So which squat do I prefer?  If you watch the video you'll see it's mostly Squat B!Now there is nothing wrong with Squat A for some, and for those of you who chose it, keep on doing it that way if it feels good. But…I have been training bodies for 20 years and the majority of the body types I train end doing best with more of a squat B version. A lot of your preference depends on your body type and age.Do you have a tall torso? Weak knees? Tight ankles? Prone to valgus collapse? Valgus collapse is when the knee caves in. Weak back? Let’s do a little analysis on the two.
Squat A, which I see in many people, leads more with the knees, pulls the butt down to a lower position, gravity tends takes over and this lack of loadin…

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