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Why Every Woman Should Be Doing Pull-ups

"I never thought at age 43, I would be strong enough to be able to do even one pull-up, let alone six." Kari doing Chin-ups Kari doing Pull-ups Today is Kari Miller's 43rd birthday!  I felt it was time to highlight Kari, 43 yr old mom of 2, success in achieving her pull-up goal. Kari's determination and dedication has been infectious to our entire group.  She's a beautiful woman inside and out and we truly love her.   Here is Kari's Story: I started my kettlebell journey with Lauren Brooks last December.  I went to Lauren because I wanted to take my training to the next level.  I didn’t just want to be kettlebell strong,  I wanted to be Lauren Brooks strong. I witnessed just how strong Lauren is when she did a set of pull-ups (too many to count) during a Friday group session.  I decided that day I wanted to be strong enough to do just one. I started using the assistance band in class to help me with my pull-ups.  With the stren

SkateCore™ Exercise Tutorials. You don't need to know how to skateboard!

Hope you enjoy the first few exercises to help strengthen the core.  We will be adding a new one each week for the next several weeks. The SkateCore ab exercises are seen in our newest DVD we've just pre-released, Kettlebell Revelation . Grab your old skateboard or new one and try these! Here are our favorite skateboards we like to use. Kids enjoy using them as well. 

Kettlebell Revelation™ DVD and Streaming Options

Revitalize and awaken your body from head to toe with Kettlebell Revelation . Lauren proudly brings you into her gym to experience the innovative program she has designed for both men and women. This program consists of highly-effective strength and fat burning workouts she uses with her intermediate to advanced kettlebell students. These workouts will truly rejuvenate you. The Kettlebell Revelation DVD includes exercises that are not on any of Lauren's other DVDs. Prepare to be blown away by all the workouts and especially the bonus abs of steel section.  PURCHASE YOUR COPY  HERE OR YOU CAN DOWNLOAD/STREAM YOUR COPY HERE Lauren teaches you a variety of exercises that will take your training to the next level! Just to name a few she includes: Tall Kneeling Press Bottoms Up Clean Bottoms Up Press Pistols (Single Leg Squat) Double Front Squat Plank Rows Side Lunge Single Leg Dead lift  DVD FEATURES: Over 12 demonstrations

On The Edge Fitness KETTLEBELL Giveaway.

Fresh starts can be very purifying. Today I'm celebrating a new phase with my website/business. As the collection in educational material grows, it's time to take my site platform to the next level. I still have several projects in the works but we are ready to celebrate this upgrade.  We are GIVING a KETTLEBELL away. One person will WIN our most popular new Metrixx Elite™ Precision E-Coat Kettlebell.  People are raving about how smooth this one is and enjoying the size of the h andle.     Enter the kettlebell giveaway  here . 16kg Metrixx Elite™ Precision E-Coat Kettlebell WE ARE CELEBRATING AN UPGRADED NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH. On The Edge Fitness website has taken it to the next level. We have redesigned the entire site and are now offering the highest technology when it comes to streaming our popular follow along workouts and education material.  You can still order our tried and true hard copy DVDs and books as well. Look out for our newest addition about

Kettlebell TOWEL Swing

Kettlebell Towel Swing This is the absolute BEST exercise to practice to help you with the Kettlebell Swing. Practice this after the hip hinge and Dead Lift exercise. Watch your Kettlebell Swing improve dramatically with this exercise. Let me know how you do! Practice your swing in some of our most popular DVD's and look out for our upcoming DVD Kettlebell Revelation™.