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May Fitness Challenges and Announcements

The Kettlebell Fitness Challenges for May Choose which Challenge you'd like to join. There will be several winners who participate in this challenge daily. Learn how to win by clicking on the challenge you will be participating in. Snatch or 1 Arm Swing Challenge - visit here for details and to see demo videos Join private Facebook Group to Participate here or Tag @ LaurenBrooksFitness on Instagram here when you post in your stories Or Learn more about the 21 Day Get Up Challenge here ANNOUNCEMENTS Live Kettlebell Classes via Zoom - Premium Member ACCESS (membership includes access to Lauren's Playground***) this is a month to month option and you can cancel at any time.. If you're already a playground member you can add this for a discounted fee than priced inside.   Schedule Classes Almost* Daily at 9a.m. Pacific/ 12 p.m. Eastern.  Every day EXCEPT* Tues and Sundays LAUREN'S PLAYGROUND - Workouts of the Week are now up! Not a member? Our one