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Enrollment is closing for Lauren's Playground closes tonight!

Here we are, in the final hours before the doors to Lauren's Playground closes again for another six months.   I’ve told you everything you need to know.   I’ve given you a peek inside.   I offered my time and guidance with the 21 Day Squat Challenge.   Now it is your turn.     Sign up for   Lauren's Playground  before your chance is gone.    I am only open membership to Lauren's Playground two times this year so that I can personally connect with every member and continue to create content.  I also create new programs frequently and weekly live classes for my members via Zoom (or locally if you live in the Southern California area). Once you join Lauren's Playground, you too will start to see results if you stay consistent and listen to your body.  Lauren's Playground is about community, about safety and about growth.  This is not an online gym that believes in pushing you too much. So come on, and join me on the Playground and play with the digital downloads,

Do you make these same excuses?

Recently I conducted a group participation exercise in the private members only Lauren's Playground facebook group. The answers are too good not to share. I asked my members to share excuses they have made in the past to NOT show up to exercise and then to follow up with how they were so very wrong. To be perfectly transparent I have also used a number of these to not show up for myself. As a busy working mom of 4 kids and 2 dogs,  I totally get what it's like. Before I get in to the common excuses we all make, I wanted to highlight a comment that was just posted last night by one of our members who is 63 years old that literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing this post with our group Peggy E. I can't tell you how happy I am that you can ski with your grandson after a 30 year hiatus! Truly remarkable!  Here's what Peggy said. I have been faithfully working out with Lauren's Playground for over a year now - mostly having fun trying out the hu

Lauren's Playground - NEW DOUBLE BONUS (expires soon)

I wanted to send out a reminder email to all of my subscribers because I want to make sure that you don’t miss out on this  new double bonus  I just added to the mix. Yep, you read that right, a DOUBLE BONUS! This bonus goes along with what many of us struggle with: working out hard but not seeing any results.  Do you feel like you are doing everything "right" and still on that struggle bus to lose weight or reach your goals? It is okay if you haven't had the chance to join me in my recent challenge or newer workouts. I still don't want you to miss out on the chance to get your hands on this epic bonus if you haven't decided to join Lauren's Playground. But.... If you're already in Lauren's Playground, SURPRISE.. . you can access this bonus right here in our new bonus section. And don't forget, today is also the start of the highly requested Squat Extension Week in Lauren's Playground! Oh, you want to know more about this Double Bonus?  Well

Kettlebell Strength Training During Chemo - A MUST READ

  I have been steadily communicating with my 21 Day Squat Challenge participants and to the members of Lauren's Playground.  We had over 800 people join in on the squat challenge this year and I have to say that it turned out to be the best squat challenge in six years, all because of the participants. Those of you who participated know how motivating this challenge was both in strength and community and that we had winners along the way who demonstrated both of these qualities.  For those of you who are reading this newsletter and were not a part of the challenge, I felt it necessary to share the winner because she was truly an inspiration.  So for anyone who is ever having a bad day, a bad year (like a lot of us in 2020) or are dealt with hardships in life such as serious medical issues, read on.  The challenge winner won a free year to Lauren's Playground for her dedication to herself and her strength, her dedication to her community and pushing herself through the most ser

My C-section and the Winner of Week 2

That was me on the left with my first born in my belly 14 years ago. That’s me on the right 6 months later. I was scared shitless of giving birth and becoming a mom. I was devastated when I was told I needed to have a C-section and couldn’t have the natural child birth I envisioned. I literally did everything I could to avoid this invasive surgery. I knew it could ruin my chances of having a “normal”functioning core and yes I wanted my 6 pack back. I also knew there were many more risks with surgery. Small problems for some, but big to me at the time. I tried Moxibustion, laying upside down, singing, acupressure, acupuncture, and even an external version which was gnarly to get her to move out of the breech position. None of it worked! Despite having to go forward with my first Cesarean almost 14 years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. Next week she turns 14! 😭 To make a long story short, smart movement kettlebell training saved me. I recovered very quickly, it w

Announcing the Winner of the First Weeks Squat Challenge

  Ladies and Gentlemen, as promised, I am going to announce this week's winner of a $50 Amazon Gift Card for standing out and being a consistent and encouraging poster of her #21daysofsquats journey.  The winner of this week's $50 Amazon Gift Card is....Wendy Wintersgill! Wendy is a 59 year old grandma, 9 years post cardiac surgery! Although Wendy does not have a kettlebell, she went up in weight this week with a giant bottle of vinegar! Now that is a 'do what it takes attitude,' don't you think?  I do believe we must also thank Wendy for starting the nightgown challenge, as she often completes her squats in her cute nightgown and fuzzy pink socks! Join me in congratulating Wendy! Wendy, you have been so consistent in your posting, so encouraging and so positive.  DM me where you would like me to send the Amazon Gift Card. One thing I have noticed in this challenge, which is more than I have even seen before, is resourcefulness.  Maybe it's being quarantined th