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The Beneficial Relationship Between Cancer and Exercise

Here is a guest post from Melanie Bowen , an author for the Mesothelia Cancer blog.  Most people in their life will witness a family member or friend with cancer.  I was very open to having this piece on my blog.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.  Would love your feedback or your stories with this topic.   The Beneficial Relationship Between Cancer and Exercise by Melanie Bowen Rather than feel victimized, cancer patients are often encouraged to concentrate on ways they can aide their own recoveries.  Doctors realize that people who are newly diagnosed with cancer may be tempted to dwell on their uncertain fates and the months of treatments that await them.  However, isolating themselves and focusing solely on this uncertainty can be detrimental.  Today’s cancer patients are advised by their doctors to take charge of their physical conditions and to assist in their fight against this disease. Fighting cancer typically involves a combination of mental prepare

Why Lift Heavy Things?

Real Raw Reasons of Why You Should Train to Lift Heavy Things Why lift heavy things?  Why focus on getting stronger?  I asked this question to a diverse group of people of all ages.  Some of their answers were obvious while others offered up not so recognizable reasons of why one should focus on  lifting heavy and  getting stronger.  This applies to EVERYONE! Strength is truly a personal decision that one embraces.  If you are able bodied and have chosen to not work towards being a stronger YOU than you've made your choice.  It's never too late to start.  First accept the fact that you are worth it.  As we age, we realize fitness and training is no longer about just looking good.  We've had a major paradigm shift about what it is to look and be healthy and sexy.  I find it truly liberating.  Trying to be very skinny is no longer sought after.    It's about being strong, powerful and carrying an aura of vigor that the world will feel and see from you.