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Hip Openers for a Strong and Healthy Turkish Get Up

Are your hips tight? This may be one of your limiting factors to a solid and strong Get Up. Try these two exercises as shown in the video below with a super light bell. This will help you open up your hips, ankles, inner thighs, all while creating a smooth overhead lockout. If you’re just starting out you can do this with a super light bell or no bell at all. Before doing a full Get Up warm up with this for 2 full rounds. Kneeling Lunge Pumps 5 es Kneeling Lunge Windmills 5 es Let me know if your Get Up feels better after these 2 quick focus drills. 🔑 Make sure the front heel stays down for the lunge pumps and windmills 🔑 Have the back toes curled underneath for full ground stability and foot work. 🔑 Ideally have your heel and back ankle aligned for the kneeling windmills. This doesn’t have to be perfect. Just close to how I’m demonstrating. It will get closer as your hips open. Enjoy and let me know how you all do!