Kettlebells for Women: Strong is the New Sexy

That’s right everyone! If you’re not “in-the-know,” strong is now considered super sexy! Women with lean muscles (that are actually useful) are finally considered beautiful. Since strong is the new sexy, I’m proud to say that I probably have one of the sexiest group classes in the world. The women that walk into my classes end up being the strongest they have ever been and it only gets better.
Weight 123 pounds, Height 5’7

Over the last few years, we have taken kettlebell training to the next level. After I published my first article, “The Need to Train Like a Man, Especially If You’re a Woman” back in 2005 (refer to this article if you are interested more in the science behind this concept), my female clients were no longer as fearful of lifting heavy objects. Ladies are starting to realize more and more that as they became stronger, the feelings they experience are empowering: increased self-confidence, better posture, and most things in life just become easier. Not to mention a healthier and leaner physique. In this article, I’d
like to share a couple program designs that I use in my group classes to make sure that everyone becomes extremely strong, balanced, and well conditioned. Being well rounded is important, however, designing your class in such a way that puts strength as the focus, yet adding in conditioning aspects in the appropriate places, will help you and your clients' results increase beyond imagination.
Lauren Miller, RingsBefore I share a couple of the strength workout designs with you, I’d like to give some examples of what most of the ladies who come to me are doing now. Keep in mind that they did not start off strong by any means. They had to work very hard and they did it using programs like the ones you will see below. I have tiny ladies in their 50’s Swinging 24kg (53lb) and 28kg (60lb) kettlebells, performing multiple Pull Ups, and Double Clean 16kg (35lb) kettlebells. Some of my super strong females are able to Swing 36-40kg (80-100lb), Snatch and Press 24kg (53lb) kettlebells, Double High Pull 20kg (44lb) kettlebells, and perform weighted Pull Ups.
One of my strongest clients, Katie Dawers, a young mom, is under 123 pounds. She has long lean muscles, a tiny frame, and can move weight around
that most men who come to me could not. Not to mention that in the last few months, she has changed her diet to plant-strong eating, which has allowed
her recovery time to be impeccable, therefore allowing her growth in strength to sky rocket! It’s an honor to have played a part in turning these women into powerful, strong, sexy machines. They keep coming back for more so I must be doing something right!
Now for the magic!   Read the rest of this article here at MyMadMethods website.  This article was specifically written for the hardcopy magazine subscription for MyMadMethods.  Mark has made it public for all to view now. Keep reading here  (Note: for the pull-up section in the workout, the word "NOT" is missing.  Please make sure you know it says "DO NOT GO TO FAILURE"

Top photo on the right Katie Dawers RKC instructor and student at On The Edge Fitness.  
Bottom photo on the left is me.  ;-)  


3 Strength & Conditioning Kettlebell Workouts

3 Strength & Conditioning Workouts for Kettlebells

by Lauren Brooks

Designing your own workouts can be quite a challenge. Even the most experienced exerciser who has a clear understanding of how to properly execute a variety of exercises can struggle with laying out a simple, effective program. Designing a workout to fit your goals does need to be thought out. Over the years I have worked with many clients, including fitness professionals, who unfortunately design poor programs, which then cause them to become frustrated with their lack of results, and often create imbalances and injuries. As much as it’s exciting to constantly have fancy and fun exercises, keeping it simple and balanced is what will deliver the most results.

Below are three workouts an experienced kettlebell user can do on their own. This program is for individuals who have continued goals of moving better as well as increasing their overall strength and conditioning. This, of course, will also have the great side effects of fat loss and a lean body. The first workout is a balanced combination of both strength and conditioning. Workout two is focused mostly on conditioning and the third is focused mostly on strength. Most of the workouts that I design for my classes fall between workout one and three.  However, it’s nice to have a day here and there of just light, fun conditioning. 

Each of these workouts has something in common. They all contain skill work practice and a balance of exercises that require a push, pull, leg and full body.Keeping those aspects involved in the majority of your practice sessions will decrease the chances of developing major imbalances and weaknesses in areas along with too much strength in others. For example, you don’t want to have too many workouts that focus on high rep push-ups and presses. You will ruin your shoulders and back. Not adding in the farmer’s walks, pull-ups, rows, and horizontal rowing will get you in trouble. Each exercise is there for a reason. 

Unfortunately there are many programs out there that people have no business doing. The other day I saw an instructor post this on their blog as the workout of the day for their class. This was an instructor with reputable certifications including one in kettlebells. Unfortunately they lack the skill of program design. If you wonder why you are losing clients due to injuries you may want to rethink how you structure your program.

Read the entire article right here at Breaking Muscle


5 Year Blog Anniversary and Giveaway

My blog was born March 10th of 2007, 5 years ago, with this post that started it all.  It all started 6 weeks after giving birth to my first baby.  The purpose of this blog was to share my journey of embarking as a new mother recovering from a C-section, lost strength, and fitness.  I wanted to share my struggles and perseverance in getting back to my pre-pregnancy self all while enjoying my new road in to motherhood.  I felt this was an easy and convenient way for friends and family that live all over the world, to see photos of my children and updates about our life.  What an amazing experience it  has been for me.  I never thought blogging my experiences would turn in to so much more.  Through my blogging I got the chance to connect with so many wonderful people around the world.  I never fully understood how powerful the stories would effect so many people.   It's truly been an honor.  Being able to continue to drive motivation and hope in to someones life by sharing my life, which in turn helped people on their journey, has been priceless.  I will continue blogging as long as I can to keep this inspiring cycle of new stories from real people coming.  That is what this blog has been all about.  Smart Training, Eating, and Living with real stories of inspiration along the way.  

A few weeks ago I received an email from Breaking Muscle, a new fitness website with top notch information.  I was told I was nominated for the Top 10 fitness blog contest.  I was honored to see I was among the list of all the blogs nominated, which I believe were around 100.  I was pleasantly surprised after a month long contest of people leaving comments, the panel of judges ended of voting my blog as one of the Top 10 Fitness Blogs.  This couldn't have come at a more perfect time.  My 5 year anniversary of blogging!

To celebrate my 5 year anniversary of blogging I've decided to offer a giveaway to 5 people.  This is the first blog giveaway I've ever done, but feel that it's very appropriate. The Giveaway is going to entail my new Kettlebell book and a kettlebell DVD of choice!  The first person of the 5 winners, will also receive a full nutrition program in addition to the book and DVD.   Yes 5 people to celebrate 5 years of blog entries.  So here is how you can be considered to be one of the 5 WINNERS.  

Rules: You will earn one entry in to the drawing for doing each of the following below.  The more you earn the higher chances you have to win.  Make sure when leaving a comment you leave your name and which options you chose to participate in so we can track and give you the appropriate entries.  Winners will be chosen at random by picking numbers using random selection tool.  It is possible a winner can end up winning more than once.  In the case of that happening we will need to redraw for that spot.  We want 5 individual winners.  The more entries (numbers you earn) the higher chance of winning since you can be given up to 6 numbers to go in the drawing!  

Here's how to earn multiple chances of winning.  

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Good Luck!  This contest will end on April 10th.  Winners will be announced on this blog.  If I don't have your email address make sure you tune in on April 12th to see the winners.  Let's have some fun!