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Win ChinUp Apparel Shirts - Giveaway

Today and this week only, we are offering a super rad giveaway with some of the coolest t-shirts and tanks I've seen. I own a few of them and they're so comfortable and hot. Perfect for every day use and of course amazing when training.  ChinUp Apparel will be giving away their swag to 3 Winners that exclusively follow Lauren Brooks (muaaah) ☺️ Not only will there be 3 WINNERS, each winner will select 2 of their favorite t-shirts/tanks. If you see how cute they are, you may just want to get a few now in the mean time. They have some manly ones too for the men out there for 10% off for a limited time. Link below. ENTER TO WIN: Like the   Lauren Brooks Facebook Page  and the pinned post. Comment and share or tag your friends.  or If you're on Instagram you can do all of that here with  @LaurenBrooksFitness Extra entries when you share or tag your friends! So easy! They've created a coupon code exclusively for my readers/followers see belo

The Boring Unsexy Training That Works!

My workouts are considered very boring by many. They're not sexy at all. Just straight up simple and many times the same exercises, when I'm working towards a GOAL! If your goal is to be stronger in a certain movement you need to practice A LOT! You also need to know how to PACE yourself and not over do it. Our Central Nervous System is very fragile, especially in this day and age. Most people I meet are complete stress cases unless they take time out of their day for self care and listen to their body. I believe in working hard, but I'm also a believer in working SMART! Todays session was simple. I did a MELT Hand and Foot treatment to rehydrate my connective tissue and create stronger rooting mechanisms with my feet to the floor and a stronger grip with my hands. I did a light mobility movement flow to calmly wake up my body. Then I was able to knock out 10 reps of holding 70lbs in front of my body. I'm only 115lbs so this did not come easily for me. I remem

What the heck is MELT METHOD? How it changed my life!

I recently discovered a simple self treatment system that anyone can do called "MELT Method".  I must admit, I was very skeptical at first. What can little balls that you use to roll on your hands and feet actually do for your body?  Some of the benefits I read about were better sleep, release back pain, release neck pain, lower stress levels, increase metabolism, easier breathing, improved grip, improve flexibility, help with migraines. The list went on! I still chose not to try the system. As a kettlebell fitness coach I work with an array of clients that are all ages, shapes and sizes. Some of my clients would come in from their stressful work week with neck pain, migraines, lower back aches from sitting too much at the computer or driving long distances and just a ton of tension all over their body. Many of them do yoga too. It would bother me that I didn't have anything for them to do at home other than the normal mobility protocol, continue to move throughout

The PERFECT Nutrition Program

Would you believe that 10 people could be on 10 completely different diet protocols and still get to their goals? I get asked regularly to share sample eating programs. I've written my share of articles describing an eating protocol that will fast track you to weight loss. Does the advice work? Absolutely it works. Does it work for everyone? No way! Would you believe that you can be on the perfect program, count your calories to the T and still not lose weight? You're even working out every single day but not seeing the scale move. I admit, this is frustrating. Most of the people who fall in this category, not all, have something else going on. Usually it's from too much stress, lack of sleep, complete burn out and their central nervous system is fried.  If you fall in this category above, chances are you will do much better figuring out how to lower your stress levels. A few ways to do this. 1. CHOOSE LESS INTENSE WORKOUTS -  yeah I know, this sounds counterproducti

The 5 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout

The 5 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout Don't have time to train? What about 5 minutes? Studies show you can make incredible health benefits even in just 1 minute a day! For more workouts like this, check out Lauren's Playground . We have hours and hours of life changing videos and programs that will get you moving every day!