Be SLAM™ (Strong Like a Mother™ )

Be SLAM Downloadable Program includes:

12 Week Plan for you to get super STRONG and Conditioned

35 Private access simple video demonstrations found on BeStrongLikeAMother.com

Strength Focused Workouts (Practice Sessions)

Metabolic Conditioning Focused Workouts (Practice Sessions)


Training Sheets for progress tracking

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*Important Download information*
When you purchase the program, on your confirmation page you there will be a small download button that will allow you to download the program and receive your password to see the videos.  Please look out for this button on your confirmation page after you order the program. Thank you!!


Just a some honest words from my student in England who got a chance to test drive the Be SLAM program.

"I have been following and learning from Lauren and her DVDs for over 4 years now. The summer of last year I was actually fortunate enough to meet her whilst holidaying in the states. Once home in England I contacted Lauren again to see if she could advise on a training program that would help me break through the plateau I had reached with my kettlebells and that would fit in around a full time job. After discussing what the best way forward would be, Lauren kindly asked if I would test her Be Slam Program as she thought it would suit my lifestyle, schedule and goals perfectly . Of course I accepted willingly!  

A little history about myself, I suffered with CFS for the most part of my teen years, with several of them bed bound. I made a slow and incremental recovery initially using a graded aerobic exercise program but whilst this helped get things back on track, it was only a beginning. After being introduced to kettlebells (and eventually being convinced to give them a go by my husband!) I started at just using a 4kg kettlebell following along to Lauren's DVD 's. I have come along way since incorporating kettlebells into my life. Due to my low mobility throughout my illness I still struggle with coordinating my strength, core and upper body strength and I also have some issues with my knees. This was something I discussed with Lauren, she suggested a few changes to my technique and to keep on with the substantial weight while squatting etc., something which I had always avoided. This advice has pushed me forward and by utilising the Be Slam Program I can now squat and single leg deadlift with a 20kg with no pain.

I have enjoyed this program immensely and the results I have seen are fantastic. I have gone from swinging a 12kg kettlebell to swinging a rather impressive 32kg happily! My whole body is stronger and more defined, particularly my arms and core.

6 weeks into the program I had completed several full push ups , something I have always struggled with immensely. I was swinging the 28kg by the tenth week. By the 12th week the 32kg was an easy swing and deadlift and I have mastered the Turkish Get Up with a 20kg! I feel incredible. I've experienced absolutely amazing results and surpassed every goal I envisaged!

The program has enabled me to move forward and focus on my strength gains whilst also taking my fitness levels to where I think they should be. The daily workouts were short enough to fit into my day and also challenging when I wanted them to be. This program was perfect for me whilst working full time and managing my energy levels. I feel so much stronger now and happy to know I can swing the same weight bell as my husband! A great workout program with fantastic results! All that is required is effort and determination!  Thank you Lauren"

Kimberley Whitworth   Wilmslow, UK

Here is another testimonial or progress report that came in from a distant student of mine that I gave a sneak peak of this to.  She is 3 weeks in to it so farL

I have been very fortunate to utilize Lauren's new Be SLAM program for the past 3 weeks.  In this short amount of time, my strength has increased significantly.  I started swinging 25 lbs, and I have quickly worked up to swinging 55 lbs!  I can also now do single leg deadlifts with 80 lbs.  I had never pushed myself to lift kettlebells this heavy before, and I have been thrilled with the results even this early on in the program.  I love how the plan is geared towards increasing strength in short, incredibly effective workouts.  The plan is easy to follow and allows for tracking and journaling your results which is motivating to see on paper.  Both the strength and conditioning components of the program allow for utilizing heavier weights for maximum results in a short time.  I am absolutely amazed at the body composition changes and the strength increases that have already been happening, and I cannot wait to see how my body will be responding by week 12.  Thank you again, Lauren!

Heather Steinert Milwaukee, WI.

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Note: When you purchase the program on your confirmation page you will find a small button to download the program and receive your password.  Please look out for this button on your confirmation page after you order the program. Thank you!!

  If you miss the button and need assistance email sale@ontheedgefitnessstore.com and he will help you get your program during business hours. 

GIVEAWAY and Product Review for KIND Healthy Snacks

Several weeks ago I was contacted by KIND Healthy Snacks.  They asked me if I had ever tried their bars.  I was excited because this is one of the few bars I like to travel with or keep in my purse for an emergency snack.  In fact, this is normally an item on the shopping list that I give to my nutrition clients. They informed me that they had come out with many new flavors in addition to making an all natural, gluten free granola.  I have always supported KIND because they use all natural products, are low in glycemic, use non GMO ingredients and are gluten free.  

Last week they sent me a hefty package of KIND goodies to sample.  When the package arrived I found myself as excited as a little kid in a candy store.  It was perfect timing to receive goodies like this because I was getting ready to leave to teach at the Strong First Girya (SFG) certification in Houston, Texas.  I make sure to always carry snacks with me wherever I go while traveling.  I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this box.  They included a wide variety of interesting flavors of KIND bars and granola. Before I even had a chance to eat try the granola my kids had already ripped the bag open and was eating it with hemp/flax seed milk.  "Yummy mommy!  This is sooo good.  Can you buy this all the time?" said my 6 year old.  Inside the granola was gluten free oats and a multitude of what I consider healthy whole grains such as amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat plus the one they ripped open had chia seeds!!  I was in love with the fact that the granola encompassed ingredients that were also low in sugar and sodium.   It was perfect for my kids! 

I reach for bars during the days when I'm traveling or working long hours when I don't healthy options around.  These bars came in handy during my weekend since I needed to keep my energy levels up and didn't want to eat a large lunch.  I have found all the flavors to be really tasty.  If I have to choose a favorite it would be Almond Coconut, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Cashew & Ginger Spice, and .... well honestly I could keep going.  

Okay, so here's the low down!  KIND and I are hosting a giveaway right now.  It's only 1 week long.  The giveaway will include a nice goodie package that will consist of two boxes of  2 of your favorite flavors PLUS a bag of Gluten Free Granola.  If you are interested and would like to partake, here are the easy rules on how they can keep track to announce the winner.  

Visit KINDsnacks.com and:
1. Pick a favorite flavor you'd like to try or share with us something you didn't know about KIND snacks in the comment section below on this blog post. 
2. Then   tweet  “I’d hope to win @LaurenBrooks819’s @KINDSnacks giveaway! (insert link) http://www.ittybittyurl.com/34bf or http://kbellqueen.blogspot.com/2013/03/product-review-for-kind-healthy-snacks.html
then simply follow me and KindSnacks on twitter.

That way it will be a no brainer with tracking and you will be entered in for KIND to select a winner!

Easy enough and good luck!

Tribesports FUN Kettlebell Strength Challenge

Are you ready for the kettlebell challenge?

I'm excited to present to you this simple, yet challenging challenge.  The beauty of Tribesports is it allows you to check in and participate with people all over the world!  Strength gains are strength gains. Little or big, you earn it only one way.  SMART PRACTICE!  This challenge will help you with just that when you perform the exercises properly!  Keep track of what size kettlebells you begin with, to where you end up with, after you finish the suggested practice sessions.

In this challenge you will find 

A full list of instructions and rules to complete the Challenge
Guides to help you execute the moves properly if you click on the image

Click on the image below to participate for free in this fun challenge with people all over the world. 

One more thing! If this isn't enough fun there is more.  All participants who go through this strength workout 12 times will be entered in to a special giveaway worth $700.  Share it with your friends, have your friend post it in the challenge  and you will be entered in twice. Participate by the rules in the giveaway and you will thus have a 3rd entry!

Kettle Bell Strength Workout: Lauren Brooks' Kettlebell strength
Photograph of Lauren Brooks is sponsored by F3Nutrition

I have teamed up with Tribesports.com to offer this.  Hope you enjoy!  Go directly to the challenge here


F3 Best Butt Builder Workout

Here's a butt workout that I filmed for F3Nutrition.  These 4 exercises will not let you down.  To see more glute workouts and why it's so important to work you butt "on" rather than butt off,  view my previous article/blog post about it here called "Let's Talk About Butt's"