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Be SLAM™ (Strong Like a Mother™ )

Be SLAM ™  Downloadable Program includes: 12 Week Plan for you to get super STRONG and Conditioned 35 Private access simple video demonstrations found on Strength Focused Workouts (Practice Sessions) Metabolic Conditioning Focused Workouts (Practice Sessions) Mobility Training Sheets for progress tracking PURCHASE HERE   Ask to join the new Be SLAM ™  Facebook group here *Important Download information* When you purchase the program, on your confirmation page you there will be a small download button that will allow you to download the program and receive your password to see the videos.  Please look out for this button on your confirmation page after you order the program. Thank you!! Testimonials Just a some honest words from my student in England who got a chance to test drive the Be SLAM program. " I have been following and learning from Lauren and her DVDs for over 4 years now. The

GIVEAWAY and Product Review for KIND Healthy Snacks

Several weeks ago I was contacted by KIND Healthy Snacks .  They asked me if I had ever tried their bars.  I was excited because this is one of the few bars I like to travel with or keep in my purse for an emergency snack.  In fact, this is normally an item on the shopping list that I give to my nutrition clients. They informed me that they had come out with many new flavors in addition to making an all natural, gluten free granola.  I have always supported KIND because they use all natural products, are low in glycemic, use non GMO ingredients and are gluten free.   Last week they sent me a hefty package of KIND goodies to sample.  When the package arrived I found myself as excited as a little kid in a candy store.  It was perfect timing to receive goodies like this because I was getting ready to leave to teach at the Strong First Girya (SFG) certification in Houston, Texas.  I make sure to always carry snacks with me wherever I go while traveling.  I was pleasantly surprised wh

Tribesports FUN Kettlebell Strength Challenge

Are you ready for the kettlebell challenge? I'm excited to present to you this simple, yet challenging challenge.  The beauty of Tribesports is it allows you to check in and participate with people all over the world!  Strength gains are strength gains. Little or big, you earn it only one way.  SMART PRACTICE!  This challenge will help you with just that when you perform the exercises properly!  Keep track of what size kettlebells you begin with, to where you end up with, after you finish the suggested practice sessions. In this challenge you will find  A full list of instructions and rules to complete the Challenge Guides to help you execute the moves properly if you click on the image Click on the image below to participate for free in this fun challenge with people all over the world.  One more thing! If this isn't enough fun there is more.  All participants who go through this strength workout 12 times will be entered in to a special giveaway worth

F3 Best Butt Builder Workout

Here's a butt workout that I filmed for F3Nutrition .  These 4 exercises will not let you down.  To see more glute workouts and why it's so important to work you butt "on" rather than butt off,  view my previous article/blog post about it here called " Let's Talk About Butt's "