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Super Strong, Toned, Pain Free, and More energetic thanks to Kettlebell Training and Lauren's Playground

"Within the last year I have TONED, become more MUSCULAR than I have ever been!

I don't have pain any more and my elbow issues are gone!"

Eloise K. England

I couldn’t be more proud to celebrate Eloise! Check out her journey from when she started Lauren’s Playground one year ago to now!

From no energy with pain and weakness to strong, more energy than she knows what to do with, muscular, toned up, and super strong!

“I'm 37, I had tennis elbow on my right arm and a left hip that was always nagging with pain from sitting so much for work. I also always had a sore right shoulder. I don't have pain any more and my elbow issues are gone, even though I do tons of pull ups and presses and snatches I have ZERO issues in my shoulder. When I started last year I had very little energy and I didn’t have strength. I couldn't do a push-up, a pull-up or many swings. I've been awakened to mobility and the way you integrate it, is just perfect. I’ve become aware of my body... and how all the parts are connected. Within the last year I have TONED, become more MUSCULAR than I have ever been and I'm STRONGER than my husband!!! I have SO MUCH ENERGY and I am honestly in love with the playground! There is nothing else for me :) x I can also eat so much more without picking up weight!! :) BONUS Above all it's FUN and you are just so lovely !! Best trainer in the WORLD You are simply the best at what you do and I thank God I have you!” Eloise K.

Thank you Eloise a million for sharing your journey with the world. In just one year she’s completely transformed! I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for her! We will be opening the doors to the magical place of Lauren’s Playground on June 22nd! DM to get or go here to get on the waitlist so you get a notification when we open. Once we close we don’t open back up til 2022 and life is too short not to FEEL amazing, strong, fit, and revitalized!"  

Thank you Eloise for sharing your amazing journey with us! Happy 1 Year Playground Anniversary! Can't wait to see what's next for you!


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