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From Back Pain To Pain Free with Kettlebell Training

 "No more Tylenol and no more cortisone injections!!!"

Read Kimberly's amazing and inspiring story! Don't forget to watch the video as well! “I’m a 51 yr old woman and a mother of 12 yr old twins. I’ve been doing kettlebells with Lauren for at least 6 years and I usually take 3 months off every summer to travel. I started kettlebells because I had lower back problems. Most mornings I could not bend over to put on my pants. I also struggled with emptying the dishwasher. Everyday tasks were problematic for me. I’m also an active person and my back kept me from enjoying many activities. I also had twins at home that needed me to be physically fit to take care of them.

My Dr told me I had degenerative disk disease in my lower back along with arthritis. I had a prescription for 800mg Tylenol and I also started getting cortisone injections into my lower back. After a few years of cortisone shots and Tylenol I heard about Lauren. I was definitely scared because of my back. I took a few personal training sessions to go over my health history and to also learn proper technique. After, I joined her in person group classes. Even in a group class you feel as though you are training 1 on 1 with Lauren, but with the benefits of the positive energy from the group. I felt and saw my body getting stronger with every class. After a few months I noticed I was able to perform everyday tasks without pain. I also remember going golfing for the 1st time after starting kettlebells- I remember my 1st drive and was amazed at how much stronger and stable my core was. After that round of 18 holes I felt great and didn’t need to take anything for pain. No more Tylenol and no more cortisone injections!!! I am, to this day, completely pain free in my lower back. I am active again and trying to keep up with my kids 😉. Lauren knows and understands each person that trains with her. She will modify any exercise to each persons personal struggles. I feel blessed to have her as my trainer- she invests so much into each one of us that trains with her. She celebrates us, she recognizes our progress and keeps the energy positive always. I love that my body is strong, I love that I can live a pain free life and I love that I can be active with my children.” Kimberly Wittek

There Is hope for you too! If you're brand new check out the How To Swing a Kettlebell Class here and then you can see if First Steps To Strong is where you need to begin or if you wanna be a part of the swing challenge and go through it with body weight only if you're new.


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