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5 year Anniversary of Lauren's Playground

Standing here today at almost 42 yrs old, I never dreamed of feeling as elated as I am now!

We are under the illusion that after kids and especially once we turn 40, everything goes down hill! I certainly don't feel that way and if you do, please know that you don't have to feel that way anymore!

I knew I loved training people, but I have to pinch myself as to how much the impact really has been since opening the doors to Lauren's Playground. 5 years ago this month, I opened the doors to an online gym that has turned in to a transformational life changing community for people all over the world.

This entire month I’m celebrating a dream that came true and turned out better than I could’ve ever imagined. Celebrating the incredible students inside Lauren’s Playground is such a beautiful thing!

This month I bask in the joy of knowing I’ve done EVERYTHING in my power to coach, guide, love, transform, and serve my Playground community. I remember when the doors first opened I wasn’t sure if any one would want to join. After all, most of my students had my DVD’s and most of my programs. However, within 24 hours I had over 150 founding members join. Within the first month over 200! I was beyond excited and of course nervous! I wanted to make sure each student got exactly what they set out to do. Five years later we have many of the same members and beyond!

I worked tirelessly filming hundreds of hours worth of videos, programs, education, making sure each person was taken care of and getting to where they always dreamed of. Now at almost 400 students inside... people are stronger, fitter, , toned, no longer stiff and in pain, and more confident than they’ve ever been in their lives... they know being around other inspiring people is also part of the magic! Lifelong Friendships made 😭.

I’m proud of the dream I had, which has grown to be the greatest gift I could give to my precious students. I love them so very much! Thank you to everyone who has trusted in my coaching, believed in my crazy visions, and supported my journey! Cheers to anniversaries, celebrations, and being comfortable in your own skin! The doors to Lauren’s Playground will be opening in just a few weeks! I can’t wait to invite you to join us!

However, in the mean time before I announce on social media you are being invited to join our free SUMMER SWING CHALLENGE here

If you don't get my emails at all or don't know how to swing yet, join our free How To Swing a Kettlebell here.

There will be prizes and maybe one person will win an ENTIRE YEAR ACCESS PASS to Lauren's Playground. What? Yeah I know... pretty rad!

You can also get on the waitlist by hitting reply and saying put me on the waitlist for Lauren's Playground please!

To all the people, moms, and dads over 40.... it only just begins. Strength training takes care of business 😉

Speaking of Lauren's Playground! We have a WHOLE NEW LOOK AND FEEL NOW! Holy organized! People are discovering programs they didn't even know existed with the new look and feel. I can't wait to show you all the change. Members you can go right in here.

Take a few minutes to look around if you're a member. Get acquainted with the possibilities! As usual, I LOVE FEEDBACK! This Playground is YOURS and you know I take comments, feedback, transformations, requests VERY VERY seriously!

Love you all!

Happy Saturday!




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