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First Steps To Strong - Beginner's Roadmap To A Stronger You

 If you've been struggling for awhile and are confused as to where to begin your strength journey, you can finally stop looking and feeling overwhelmed!  The hardest part about getting started is when you have no clue what to do or if you're even moving correctly.

I know... we are so inundated with so more information now than we can handle and most of it is a bunch of fluff and gimmicks! Of course you feel like giving up and just staying where you are sometimes. How can you know what the "right" path is for  you? 

If you're reading this now, I believe it's because you were meant to find this unique and one of a king GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE simple program. It's time to focus on just moving gently where you can actually gain some strength too!

Here's the difference between my programs and the ones you see all over the web. I've been at this for OVER 20 YEARS! I have helped thousands of people... many over 50, 60, and 70 who once gave up. I wake up to raving testimonials in my inbox every morning from people all over the world. It's what keeps me creating more and getting better. It's why I have a thriving fitness community both in person and online because these programs WORK! They are simple and doable! Sustainable!

This one is the most entry level and basic program I've ever designed to date! 

I can't tell you how excited I am to open this up to anyone who is feeling  stuck. Or stuck on the couch, or choice trauma, but so badly wants to get up and do something without feeling defeated. Something right from the living room that isn't time consuming or expensive. 

 Maybe you have aches and pains and they're not getting better by not moving your body.

If any of this speaks to you keep reading or get started with FIRST STEPS TO STRONG today!

I'm offering a $20 off coupon code that will expire in the next 48 hours. Code: roadtostrong

Showing up is one of the bravest things you can do right now. If you feel weak and completely out of shape and don’t know where to begin, First Steps To Strong is made for you. This is the path to embark on if you’ve been on the struggle bus with moving your body or gotten off track. If you’ve thrown your hands in the air and just haven’t found a starter program that you can stick to. Maybe the ones you’ve seen are too complicated or still feel too advanced. You can stop looking now. This is the most simple and gentle road to strong program I’ve ever released. I’ll be sending this over to my parents in their 70’s! If you’re ready to have full access to ✔️ Learn to move your body safely. ✔️ Activate muscles you didn’t know you had without struggle or pain. ✔️ Checklists for each workout to track. ✔️ 3 weeks, 15 minutes most days. ✔️ 3 Week Downloadable Guide ✔️ Weekly email check ins ✔️ Video Tutorials for proper movement. ✔️ Simple and extremely effective protocol used on thousands of students who went from struggling to strong. ✔️ Bonus* Next steps section when if ready after 3 weeks. 

✔️ Bonus* PERSONAL email check-ins for each person who purchases the program. This is worth the price of admission right here. Have more confidence, energy, feel stronger, more supported, and happier over all. Offering $20 off for the next 48 hours using code: roadtostrong GET STARTED NOW HERE 

More additions each week. Let’s take those First Steps To Strong together! You can begin this program with no kettlebell! In fact I don't even encourage you use a kettlebell or dumbbell until the second week IF AND ONLY if YOU FEEL ready! Don’t go at this alone! I’ve got you. See you on the inside of First Steps To Strong. 



p.s. If you know someone struggling and utterly confused as to how to get started on the journey to a stronger self, please share this program. This will be a gift that will last them for a lifetime. I'll be doing personal check ins on each person who gets this program! 

I know I'm crazy to say that, but that's how important each person who begins this journey is to me! That's how much I want people to succeed and thrive! 

The $20 off code: roadtostrong will expire soon! 


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