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64 Year Old Diabetic to Healthy in Just 4 months

64 Year old diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes now off all meds and loses 37 pounds 

"...I have lost 37 pounds. My glucose level has dropped from 137 to 104 (range 65-110). Cholesterol fell from 217 down to 164 (range: 120-200), LDL-Cholesterol went from 133 to 104.8 (50-130) and triglycerides came in at 213 and went down to 96. (Range: 36-165.) (Today is 10/18/12 - not quite 4 months since the "D" date.) I take no medicine as I prefer a holistic approach and believe that my success is due to my new eating plan and Lauren Brooks' kettlebells DVD."

Here is Rachel's Incredible Story:

Before being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in June 2012, my son kept asking me to use kettlebells. To appease him, I bought a 5 pound one and later a 10 pound one - and they sat on the shelf. Always athletic, I continued with the Step that I've used for the past 20 years. I would lose four or five pounds only to regain it. Then came the frightening diabetes news and so many thoughts crossed my mind. My son told me this was no time to hit the snooze button and I had to get into gear.

I started on a low carb diet and got the kettlebells off the shelf and started using them 5 times a week. I bought two other kettlebell DVD's, one for beginners that ended up with her doing jumping jacks (*.*). The other one has three people using the kettlebells with the lead gal perpetually smiling and saying something like no cardio is lardo. No breaks, no pausing, too severe for me. I told my son that I wasn't happy with the ones I bought and he suggested I look at the kettlebell queen, Lauren Brooks, on You Tube. I liked what I saw and bought The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells DVD and am I ever glad I did.

I like Lauren's soft approach and thorough explanations of what we're about to do and why. I feel like I'm engaged when I'm working out to her DVD as there are messages on the DVD and a timer and Ms. Brooks tells us how long a particular work out will be and how long a break we will have. A rest and water break!!! There's a great idea! It gives me a moment to cool down and get ready for the next segment.

I'm 64 years old and in spite of my athletic abilities when I was younger, I've never had strong arms. Imagine my surprise when one day at the dinner table, for fun, I made a "Popeye" muscle - and I actually had a lump there - a good size one. I don't think any one would want to see me in a dark alley!

I had no idea that you use 400 calories for a 20 minute workout. Lauren's DVD has a warm up and a 12 minute work out along with a 40 minute one. I keep up with them both and now have a 15 and 20 pound kettlebell that I use. I cannot believe my strength and stamina. Lauren's DVD includes a mountain climbing exercise that I used to just sit out or swing the kettlebells. One day I thought, oh, what the heck, I'll give it a try. And I can do it!!! Again, never had strength in my arms, never able to do pushups and here I am on the back nine of my life and I'm doing it!

Since that June day, I have lost 37 pounds. My glucose level has dropped from 137 to 104 (range 65-110). Cholesterol fell from 217 down to 164 (range: 120-200), LDL-Cholesterol went from 133 to 104.8 (50-130) and triglycerides came in at 213 and went down to 96. (Range: 36-165.) (Today is 10/18/12 - not quite 4 months since the "D" date.) I take no medicine as I prefer a holistic approach and believe that my success is due to my new eating plan and Lauren Brooks' kettlebells DVD.

I am amazed at the mobility I have - and I have no more back aches!!! I'm sold on these kettle bells and glad my son 'introduced' me to her wonderful work. I love her sensible and down-to-earth approach. I am going to purchase whatever else this 'kettlebell queen' has produced. I'm sold - give it a try. The only thing you have to lose is weight.


Anonymous said…
A quick question for "64 Year Old" or Lauren. Do you think that the first dvds you worked out to prepared you for Lauren's workout?
Elaine said…
Great story! Keep up the good work! I, too, have a question: are you aware of any studies about kettlebell workouts for treatment or prevention of osteopenia/osteoporosis?
Anonymous said…
Beautiful story! I diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and I decided to change my clean diet. I've been working out with all of your DVDs and Tracy Reifkind's Workouts three to five times a week. I lost over 45 lbs in just 6 months. My doctor impressed to see me that I look healthier than before. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Hi & thanks for your good wishes - and congratulations to you, too, Anonymous for your terrific weight loss!!!

Elaine: I did a quick search and found this link:

Here's part of the article:

Benefits of Kettlebells
Working out with weights such as kettlebells may help you maintain the bone density you have, according to a study published in the September 2009 edition of the journal "Gynecological Endocrinology." The study found that while weight-training did not improve bone density in women with osteopenia, the women who performed weight training had an increase in lumbar spine measurements when compared to the control group. The study authors indicated weight training may be effective in preventing further decline in bone density levels. Kettlebells are easy to use, available in a variety of weights and work your upper and lower body.
Workout Strategies
Begin with a light, 2- or 3-pound kettlebell if you have never used one before. Develop a circuit training routine at home to ensure you work your upper and lower body. Choose four kettlebell exercises to perform each time you work out. The University of Florida indicates that good options are the kettlebell swing, the "clean and press," the Turkish get-up and the squat. The Turkish get-up and squat work your leg muscles, while the swing and press focus more on your upper body. Consider consulting with a personal trainer to develop your form, as swinging the kettlebell places you slightly off-balance. Keep your core muscles tight as you swing, lift and lower the kettlebell to protect your back and get the most effective workout.
While kettlebell workouts may have a positive impact on your overall strength, follow your doctor's advice on how much weight to lift. Harvard Medical School indicates that calcium supplementation and vitamin D supplements may help increase your bone mass, and your doctor will guide you on appropriate intake levels. In addition to weight training, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet and performing cardiovascular exercises are all good strategies to prevent your osteopenia from progressing to osteoporosis.
American Council on Exercise: Kettlebells: Twice the Results in Half the Time?
National Institutes of Health: Osteopenia
Harvard Medical School: Osteopenia: When You Have Weak Bones, but Not Osteoporosis
Gynecological Endrocrinology: Effect of Specific Exercise Training on Bone Mineral Density in Women with Postmenopausal Osteopenia or Osteoporosis
University of Florida: Basic Kettlebell Exercises to Get Started With
Article reviewed by Matt Olberding Last updated on: Oct 26, 2011

Read more:

In answer to the first Anonymous, can't say that they did. The reason is that the other two DVD's 'jumped' right into the workouts. Lauren's DVD has a section on how to use kettlebells so you don't injure yourself. Lauren's has a sensible approach with warm up exercises.

I just ordered Volume 2 of Lauren's "The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells." Looking forward to receiving it.

Thanks again for commenting. Salud!

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