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How NOT to Swing a Kettlebell

 There is nothing that bothers me more than seeing a professional trainer or, in this case, a news outlet promoting an incorrect Kettlebell Swing. The Sunday Times Magazine recently posted an article (complete with the photo below labeled Incorrect) explaining why kettlebells are the fitness hit of lockdown. While I do agree with this statement, I do not agree with the image showing how to perform a kettlebell swing. The irony of this post is that it is showing the exact way to INCORRECTLY swing a kettlebell, unless of course you are ready for some back, shoulder or neck pain.

I used to be criticized for pointing out these faulty articles before, but I have had enough. As a kettlebell professional, I will no longer stay quiet. This type of faulty promotion may not only cause injury, but it may also keep someone from benefiting from the strength and cardio results of proper kettlebell form. That will just make naysayers prove that kettlebells don’t work. WHAT?? Of course they work. Remember that time that the New York Times posted an article on why women can’t do pullups?  HA! Just ridiculous.  

Below is the picture that the news outlet posted versus a picture I put together of the proper  form.  Can you see the difference? 

                  INCORRECT                                         CORRECT


Take a look at the incorrect photo on the left. The model starts by lifting the bell clearly using her shoulder with zero hip engagement as you can see because the bell is dangling. Then brings the bell back by rounding her back putting strain on her shoulders, neck and back. It is apparent there is no hip swing happening. Now, take a look at my photo on the right. In the first image, I have the bell in the proper starting and ending position. The swing is caused from a powerful hip explosion, not a front raise with your shoulders and arms. This hip explosion launches the bell forward and back as you can see in my second and third photos.

I have to say our community is becoming so educated on proper form.  When I posted the first photo on Instagram, many of you commented that you could see the incorrect form immediately. Then when I posted the correct photo, I couldn't believe how many people began sharing it. 

I am so proud of this community.  Let’s keep spreading the proper kettlebell form. In fact I have a free How To Swing a Kettlebell tutorial class that you can take advantage of right here. If you want more information, you can always check out my pre-recorded videos or join us in person or via zoom at


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