The Truth About Bottled Water

This article appeared in the October issue of My Mad Methods Magazine.  Click on the image to read. Enjoy!

To read more about how good water has changed our lives you can view an older blog post right here.


stacy said...

Sorry I respect your article and choice of water. But the alkaline water is really just a fad to get you buy expensive piece of equipment. No scientific studies to back up the so call benefits. Please check this website that talks about types of water and exposes the truth behind water:

Lauren said...

Hi Stacy, No need to be sorry at all. I encourage people to write opinions. I enjoy Dr. Mercola and have been following him for years, but at the same time he has been wrong about quite a few things.

He did make a point of stating that the ideal pH in the water should be between 6-8. Well if you test the water in the majority of bottled water,they testing between 4 and 6, which is way beneath even what Dr. Mercola had recommended.

All in all, it's a very personal choice. Many people are enjoying the benefits of this water. I agree it's on the expensive side but when used correctly it's a much smarter choice than living off of bottled water or delivered water that has been sitting in plastics for many hours or even days.

Again your comment is very appreciated.

stacy said...

Thanks Lauren. I guess all we can do is do the best we can with what we have and within our power. Its important that care enough about overselves and those around us to stay informed and possibly make improvements regarding our health and lifestyles.

Lauren said...


I just want to add he wrote that article about the alkaline water right after he started selling his own water filtration system. Do you think that's a coincidence. He clearly states that he believes we should have an alkaline state. Then he sells his own filtration system that keeps the water at a relatively alkaline level.

It's hard to trust an opinion of someone bashing a water machine, when they sell a different brand. If he had no affiliation I'd be more apt to listen closer to his opinion, but that again validates to me that he's more in it for the sales aspect of it.

stacy said...

Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. I am concerned that it has been reported about tap water having a chemical that can cause cancer. I happen to live in 31 cities supposedly being tested. He has also claimed that fluoride in the our water supply is harmful and forgot what he recommended as far as to do filtering or reverse osmosis. But yes, I have watched his appearance on Dr Oz and he was questioned about his real intentions regarding his medical advice and his sales techniques.

~tinyartjewelry~ said...

Just wanted to say I have tried the akaline water machine as a trial and still not sure where on stand on the issue, although I do totally agree with keeping your body alkaline.
Also wanted to state that I too have been following Dr Mercola for years and am starting to question many of his posts due to the fact that he seems to be marketing the "best and the only reliable product" every other day. Really turns me off.

Anonymous said...

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