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Even Small Changes in Nutrition Can Make A Big Difference!

Reading about nutrition and educating my clients is a true passion of mine.  I absolutely love designing nutrition plans thanks to the ongoing success that my clients and I have continued to see.  One of the most common phrases I hear from my clients is, "It doesn't even feel like a diet."  That makes me smile because it lets me know that they "get it."  I have collected an array of testimonials that I have not had the chance to share yet.  I will, however, begin by featuring one person at a time.  This month I wanted to highlight a fitness professional that started out on my program already lean and fit, which can sometimes be the most challenging.  She came to me because she wanted to be a little bit more lean.  We discussed that since she was starting with such a low body fat, her body might resist losing any more weight.  It's very common for people to lose a lot of weight in the beginning and then have trouble with the last 5-10 pounds.  Many people just give up and they unfortunately end up gaining the weight back.  When adopting a lifestyle that consists of an eating plan that works for YOUR life YOUR body will thank you for it.

I have had the opportunity to work with Dina Juve.  She is a true inspiration with what she has been through in her life (which she shares below).  Dina is a fellow certified kettlebell instructor (RKC) and a mom of 3 boys.  You would never know she is a mother of 3 by looking at her.   If you live near Fresno, I highly recommend looking her up at Kettlebells Of Fresno.


Dina wrote a little background about herself so you can get a good idea of how being thin didn't come easy for her.  She had to work to for it!

"I have not always been thin.  I struggled with my weight from very young.  I come from a family with overweight genes.  I was not very active as a child since I was diagnosed with Juvenile arthritis at 6.  I experienced a lot of pain, my knee would swell up very large and I had to have it drained and injected on several occasions.  From 16-22 my weight went between 138-168.  At 22 I finally decided being overweight was not helping to decrease the aching I experienced so I finally took charge and started changing my eating habits... and would do buns of steel videos in my living room (funny huh I just aged myself).  So my weight loss journey has been long but steady over many years.  Every time I think my body is at the end it amazes with a new change :)  Like now actually seeing some ab muscles, wow.  I know people look at me and think I've always been thin and athletic but that just is untrue.  Every year since I turned 22 my eating gets healthier and I become stronger. I try to continue to learn and implement healthy habits and I love pushing physically in ways I never thought would be possible.  This is why I got into the nutrition and fitness industry."

"I started using Kettlebells 6 weeks after having Trevor my 3rd son (4th pregnancy).  October 2007.  I went through the RKC certification August 2008."

Prior to me working with anyone I need to see a journal and learn more about their lifestyle.  Dina emailed me her journal and I was very impressed with it, but not surprised.  She was very lean and fit to start with so I knew she was already on the right track.  It's always helpful to have someone look from the outside in because they can usually find room for improvement, even if they are only small changes.  We all know that small changes can often make a big difference. 

Here is what Dina had to say about the goals that she set before starting the nutrition program.

"My initial weight the day I started the program was 118.  My initial goal was to hit 115.  I had been bouncing between 121-116 for 2 years.  121 meant I was allowing myself a little to many treats.  118 was easy to keep but getting to 116 was tough and I couldn't hold it longer than a day or 2.  My goal was to get a little under the 116 so I could keep it down. 
I started your program on 10/20 and I hit 112- 5 weeks after I started it.  Didn't want to say anything until I held it for a bit.  I was not surprised by how fast I hit my goal of 115 because I knew I was missing something.  I also knew I couldn't work out anymore so I better look at my food.  I keep thinking I can have abs ;)  I was VERY surprised I hit 112.  I actually am between 110.4-112.  I have been amazed how my body has responded to just eating a little better.  Putting high quality food in my system.  I feel amazing from the inside out and not deprived of anything!  So thank you for this!!!  I am a plan person and I think it is wise to seek out others to help you push you forward to your goals. 

I'm very thankful I met you!!!

Dina Juve's Testimonial

Even though I am in the fitness and nutrition industry I’m not afraid to seek help from other professionals I think can assist me in becoming even healthier.  I feel it is important to continue to learn and grow.

I had been researching Lauren’s philosophy on nutrition for some time reading newsletters and Facebook postings.   I noticed her nutrition products offered on her website are made with natural ingredients.  I loved this!  Although I already ate very well I wanted fine tune my diet and start fueling my body with the highest quality nutrient rich foods.  After talking with Lauren I knew she would facilitate taking my nutrition to a higher level. 

My first goal was to limit sugar, go dairy and gluten free, eliminate processed foods and use organic.  I also needed healthy ideas for my long physical work days and when I travel.  My second goal (if it was meant to be) was to drop a few pounds to see if I could define my abs a little.  Since having 3 boys this has been a struggle. 

Lauren’s nutrition plans are not a diet but a lifestyle.  Easy to follow and come with a complete shopping list.  She customized my nutrition plan entirely in-line with my goals.  I made changes focusing on my overall health and well being, and did not have to count calories and remained consistent.

Within 2 months I actually exceeded my weight loss goals.  I went from 118 to 112.  I lost 6 lbs, can now see some abdominal definition and for the first time I was comfortable enough to take a photo in a half top.   The best part is I am putting the most nutritious food in my body and I feel amazing inside and out!

Small changes really can add up and even fit people can become healthier.   I would highly recommend Laurent to any of my clients, friends and family.   

Dina Juve   Fresno, Ca
RKC Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor
Battling Ropes Coach
TRX Trainer
Fitness section write for HiS Magazine in Fresno, Ca

If you are interested in having a  nutrition program designed personally for you, I am currently taking on one client per week.  I will only accept people who provide me with a minimum of a 3 day food/lifestyle journal, are serious about weight loss, and are ready to commit.  You can read more about my nutrition programs right here.  Feel free to email me with any questions.


Pensguys said…
Wow! Great testimony! I've often wondering about those last few pounds and found out myself it IS the eating generally that needs tweaking. Great for giving up gluten!
Melissa said…
Lauren, I'm a fitness professional as well and I am so contacting you in the spring after my second baby for some guidance :)
Anonymous said…
Do you happen to know how tall she is?

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