Workout 2

Since this is only my second weight lifting workout it is very similar to Saturday's workout. My abs were a little bit sore from my snowboard session, but otherwise I felt wonderful. I plan on doing kettlebells for tomorrow's workout.

Leg Press 50lb 12x3
Assisted Pull Up -90 10x2
Leg Extension 35lb 10x2
Leg Curls 40lb 10x2
Tricep Pull Down 30lb 10 x 3
Bicep Curls 12.5 10 x 3
Windmills 18lb 3x2
Flys 12.5lb 10x2
Back Extension 5lb 15 x 2
Ball Crunches 15 x 2
Plank 60 second hold

I did not take any rest in between sets except to drink water. I finished the workout with a slow paced jog for 1 mile and stretching.

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