Kettlebell workout and watching baby after pregnancy

Well I managed to get a workout in while my baby sat peacefully in her chair. It was amazing. I am so happy she is letting me put her down a bit more without crying. And i actually got 6 hours of sleep last night. What a record. She probably thinks her mom is crazy swinging this weird thing around. So lucky to have found kettlebells. I don't know what I would do without them.

Went through the sequence without stopping and rested after the last exercise for about a minute. I repeated 3 times for each sequence.

A. Turkish Get Up 18lb 2 reps each side
Clean &  Press 18lb 6 reps each side
Alt Tactical Lunge 18lb 10 reps on each side

B. Renegade Rows 26lb Alternating 5 on each side
2 Handed Swings 26lb 20 reps
Snatches 18lb 10 reps each side (first time doing this since having baby)

I feel pretty good. This was quite challenging for me. Turkish get ups are starting to feel better since the C-section.  Renegade Rows are still challenging because I can some times feel the inner stitching under my abs. (maybe it's all in my head) Just afraid to work that area too hard yet since it still is very tender.


Franz Snideman said...

Hey Lauren...

great to see you back in the saddle with your diet and training. In no time you'll be tossing around the bigger KB's for sure. Keep it up!

Glad to hear you are getting at least a little sleep ;)

Lauren said...

Thanks Franz. I can't wait for that day when I get my strength and conditioning back. Hopefully I will even surpass myself.

And sleep to me is huge. Really makes a difference.

Regina Hurley said...

Hey Lauren

your baby is a beauty! Glad you got the gift :)

You will definitely surpass yourself! You are not only going to get your strength and conditioning back, but it will be at a whole higher level! Rock on! Regina