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My C-section and the Winner of Week 2

That was me on the left with my first born in my belly 14 years ago. That’s me on the right 6 months later.

I was scared shitless of giving birth and becoming a mom.

I was devastated when I was told I needed to have a C-section and couldn’t have the natural child birth I envisioned. I literally did everything I could to avoid this invasive surgery.

I knew it could ruin my chances of having a “normal”functioning core and yes I wanted my 6 pack back. I also knew there were many more risks with surgery.

Small problems for some, but big to me at the time.

I tried Moxibustion, laying upside down, singing, acupressure, acupuncture, and even an external version which was gnarly to get her to move out of the breech position. None of it worked!

Despite having to go forward with my first Cesarean almost 14 years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. Next week she turns 14! 😭

To make a long story short, smart movement kettlebell training saved me. I recovered very quickly, it wasn’t easy, and was back to swinging my kettlebells in no time at all.

Then 24 months later I did it all over again! Another C-section and beautiful BiG girl!

It’s these real stories and events that brought thousands to train with kettlebells!

One year after I gave birth the first time, I released my first Kettlebell DVD to the masses. Then I did a pregnancy kettlebell dvd with my second baby, then 9 more to titles follow! The rest is history!

Kettlebells work y’all! If they didn’t I wouldn’t have had so much success both personally and with the thousands of people I’ve worked with over the years!

If you’re thinking about it I highly recommend you check out my free how to swing a kettlebell class found here

Now on to the important stuff!

Congratulations to the Squat Challenge members, you have made it through your second week of the squat challenge!  This week you upped your weight and according to all the #21daysofsquats posts, are looking quite strong! Only one week left ladies and gentlemen! Remember, you are going up one more time in weight for the final week of this challenge.  If you don’t have weights or a kettlebell, be creative!! I see you all still using your creative at home remedies like dogs, children and pantry items!!  Or, you can also wear a backpack with some items in it to pack on some weight while holding your current weight or bell. You have come so far with this squat challenge, keep it going!  

So...let’s get to our prize winner.  Remember, your posts not only hold you accountable, but they are super motivating to others. You can also see you might not be the only person who is on the struggle bus that day.  Thank you all for your posts whether you are struggling, heading into a medical issue, or super pumped. This week’s motivating and FUNNY winner of a $50 Amazon gift card is: Jefe Ocho!!! Let\"s give a round of applause for Jeff and his great edited videos and his complete honesty regarding whether or not he felt like doing those squats!  Yes Jeff, we are happy!

Jeff email me where to send your gift card and keep squatting with that awesome attitude!  Go Team Jefe!

Now, have you thought about what you are going to do after the 21 Day Squat Challenge ? Or, if you haven’t been doing the squat challenge, have you thought about what you are going to do for your fitness goals this year? On the final day of the Squat Challenge, I will be opening up enrollment into my online virtual gym called Lauren’s Playground. If you have enjoyed the squat challenge, Lauren’s Playground is 10 times more effective.  It is for individuals who want a full body fitness program, complete with a community of support.  There are so many workouts to choose from and you will also get a bonus pass to one live class per week as part of your commitment to yourself. As you can see from the squat challenge, there is loads of guidance from current members (my OGs, you know who you are!) and, of course, myself.

I’m only going to open enrollment for Lauren’s Playground twice this year. I PERSONALLY put a lot of blood sweat and tears into everything in Lauren’s Playground.  I love the playground members too. I’m not a large corporation but rather a passionate individual who has studied the body for over 20 years and has worked on the most effective and safest ways to move your body whether it be mobility drills or strength training. Although I might be a home grown business, I have changed the lives of over 10,000 people and I would love to help you as well. Speaking of being homegrown, I am always listening to my members and adding new and improved workouts in Lauren’s Playground. In fact, many of you don’twant the squat challenge to end!  Well, seeing as I am here always listening to my members and creating new content, I have some good news!  


I am going to create a BRAND NEW WEEK of the squat challenge for those of you who want more.  This squat challenge extension will only be loaded into Lauren’s Playground, so if you want more squatting, get ready to join Lauren’sPlayground. Squat Challenge participants, you will get 4 days of rest and then the extension week of varying reps and weight, different than the first 21 days! 


You know it takes 21 days to make a habit stick, and by enrollment you will have your routine down.  

Also, if you join within the first 24-48 hours of open enrollment, you will receive a special bonus!

I will send out a separate email on the specifics of Lauren’s playground for those of you who are interested and eager to learn more.  Remember, I will only open this 2 times this year. so...WHY WAIT?




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