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Announcing the Winner of the First Weeks Squat Challenge

 Ladies and Gentlemen, as promised, I am going to announce this week's winner of a $50 Amazon Gift Card for standing out and being a consistent and encouraging poster of her #21daysofsquats journey.  The winner of this week's $50 Amazon Gift Card is....Wendy Wintersgill! Wendy is a 59 year old grandma, 9 years post cardiac surgery!

Although Wendy does not have a kettlebell, she went up in weight this week with a giant bottle of vinegar! Now that is a 'do what it takes attitude,' don't you think?  I do believe we must also thank Wendy for starting the nightgown challenge, as she often completes her squats in her cute nightgown and fuzzy pink socks! Join me in congratulating Wendy!

Wendy, you have been so consistent in your posting, so encouraging and so positive.  DM me where you would like me to send the Amazon Gift Card.

One thing I have noticed in this challenge, which is more than I have even seen before, is resourcefulness.  Maybe it's being quarantined that has developed this resourceful ability, or maybe y'all are just a funny and encouraging group, but it is amazing. I mean look at Ericka below! If she doesn't embody that this challenge can happen anywhere, wearing anything and holding anything, then no one does. This is an awesome post, Ericka! 

I have also noticed that there are no gender or age limits. Both men and women are being vulnerable and showing their progress. Our age groups range from young to old. Diversity is vast through our challenge members, as it should be because squats are SQUATS.  Everybody needs them and everybody can do them. Y'all are showing up for this challenge! 

If you did not win this week's gift card, don't fret.  I SEE YOU. There will be one more winner of a $50 Amazon Gift Card, and the best of all? One of you will be winning a year's access to Lauren's Playground.  So keep squatting and keep posting! If you are already a member of Lauren's Playground, you are also entitled to win! 

Speaking of Lauren's Playground, this is a HUGE prize.  Let me tell you a little bit about it. Lauren's Playground is an online virtual kettlebell fitness gym and community.  We cater to everyone who is choosing to be a stronger and healthier version of themselves. Join other parents, grandparents, teachers, lawyers, doctors, military members, seniors, personal trainers, kettlebell instructors, nutritionists, newbies (shall I go on?) that choose strength.  Lauren's Playground includes videos and written workout programs that can be accessed from any personal device. Remember, we will be giving away a special bonus in the first 24-48 hours of opening the doors to the first people who enroll. More details on this soon... Drop me a line if you think you'll be signing up in the first 48 hours so you can get all the timely bonuses I will be offering. I will put you on a special list. Don't worry if you are a current playground & premium member.... every bonus the awesome new members receive, YOU will get it too. I will never leave you out! My members mean everything to me. I've got you covered. 

Last, but not least, make sure you read all the posts on Lauren's Fitness Challenge Facebook group page.  You are not alone, in fact there are so many posts on what everyone has learned from their bodies and from each other.  Also, don't forget to log in to the portal and watch the videos.  Trust me, you will have the most success with the challenge if you watch the videos in your portal with the suggested reps, especially if you are looking for additional guidance.

Oh wait....there is more!  Since so many of you have been squatting with other things, it made me realize that not everyone has a kettlebell.  If you are in the market for a bell, check out Kettlebells USA or Kettlebell Kings. These are some of my favorites.

Happy Squatting!



p.s. Thank you for the emails I've received. It's been so much fun hearing about your goals, your stories, and journey. I have my list of people that have emailed me telling me they're committing to signing up for Lauren's Playground in the first 48 hours. I'm soooo excited! 


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