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Do you make these same excuses?

Recently I conducted a group participation exercise in the private members only Lauren's Playground facebook group. The answers are too good not to share. I asked my members to share excuses they have made in the past to NOT show up to exercise and then to follow up with how they were so very wrong. To be perfectly transparent I have also used a number of these to not show up for myself. As a busy working mom of 4 kids and 2 dogs,  I totally get what it's like.

Before I get in to the common excuses we all make, I wanted to highlight a comment that was just posted last night by one of our members who is 63 years old that literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing this post with our group Peggy E. I can't tell you how happy I am that you can ski with your grandson after a 30 year hiatus! Truly remarkable! 

Here's what Peggy said.

I have been faithfully working out with Lauren's Playground for over a year now - mostly having fun trying out the huge variety of workouts!

I've worked out most of my adult life - starting as a teen doing Jane Fonda with my big sister, and then with Bess on the "20 Minute Workout" (anyone remember?!) I've worked out in my local clubs and at home with a huge library of workout videos - everything from weight training to barre and pilates to basic training. But life got busy and I found myself taking a long hiatus from working out. I somehow bought into the myth that feeling tired, out of shape and losing considerable strength was "normal" for someone aged 55 and over (I'm now 62). 

But I felt compelled to try again. I bought one of Lauren's DVDs and later joined the Playground. What I want to say here is it's been life-changing for me! I feel like my old self - I'm strong, energetic, confident and determined, and I recently started skiing again with my grandson for the first time in 30 YEARS!!! I was terrified the night before but I did it and now I'm hooked again. THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT the functional strength and endurance I've gained working out with Lauren!

NOTHING has been as effective or motivating for me as Lauren's Playground and specifically Lauren's leadership and teaching. Thank you Lauren Brooks !! I'm looking forward to many more years of the most enjoyable (and effective) workouts I've ever done!  

Is that not truly incredible? I can think of so many excuses that Peggy could have made. To be able to do what she did because she showed up to fun, doable, at home workouts? At 63 years old? Just amazing!

These are the people inside LP. Just success story after success story, which is so very contagious!

Now on to these excuses. I think we all know why it is important to exercise. Obvious reasons are physical such as weight loss or increased muscle tone. Not as obvious to the eye are mental health benefits, increased energy, better sleep and overall health improvements such as injury recovery and illness fighting. So why don't we want to exercise sometimes? Maybe you take too much on too fast. Or maybe you tend to compare yourself to others both in what they are able to do or what they look like. I have also heard every excuse in (and out) of the book to not join my program such as:

1. I don’t have enough bells (you can get aways with one dumbbell or just your bodyweight)

2. I’m too new at training (we have ground zero workouts for the absolute newbies)

3. I’m too out of shape (we have a workout for you too)

4. It’s going to be too hard for me. (Not with the easing in workouts we have)

5. Not sure if my spouse will let me invest in myself (it comes to 1.09 a day. This has shown to get people off of expensive medication and get years back on their lives. So it comes back times ten)

6. Everyone else will be so much more in shape than me (Not true at all. We've had many brand new people, brave souls. Some with cancer, cardiac problems, auto immune, join us and have incredible success)

7. I don’t think I can do home workouts (You don't know if you haven't tried)

8. I have too many injuries (The private coaching call can help you find the exercises that work for YOUR body to prevent injuries)

9. I always get hurt when I workout (Same as above. With coaching that has helped thousands of people, you may find any pain you have actually goes away with the safe methods taught)

10. I don’t want to bulk up (We have programs for those who tend to bulk that will make sure we take longer rests to keep hypertrophy down, which is not very common to begin with, with these methods)

11. Kettlebells will hurt my back (If done incorrectly without proper form and guidance, it sure can. But when done the way I teach you, I've found it has actually FIXED and healed MANY MANY backs! To the point of without it the back pain comes back)

12. I’m too old - ( We have people in LP doing the workouts well in to their early 80's as of now. )

13. I don’t have time - (We have effective workouts under 5 minutes)

14. Nothing has ever worked for me, why would this (This is very different and the most effective training around)

15. I’m not coordinated enough (I have simple programs even for the most uncoordinated person)

16. I'm too heavy or too small (You can never be too heavy or too small to work on yourself. We have people come in all shapes and sizes and either gain the amount they're looking for with muscle or go to programs to help them get healthy and change their body composition)

 My members added a few more excuses that they had prior to their lightbulb moment when they joined Lauren's Playground:

1. I already belong to a gym 💡~ I did the 21 day squat challenge and the group were just amazing and supportive of each other. The gym I attended has been closed for most of past year due to covid restrictions. Given the choice now its LP and I'll increase my range of bells as needed

2. I am not dedicated enough to do this at home - 💡~ I need to invest in me, I cannot control what is going on around me, I can only control myself. I don’t have the funds anymore, since CoVid hit,to go to CrossFit but who cares, I can still do this

3. I do not have the funds - 💡 I need to invest in me, I cannot control what is going on around me, I can only control myself. I don’t have the funds anymore, since CoVid hit,to go to CrossFit but who cares, I can still do this

4. I am so tired b/c I work at nights - 💡 but I tell myself it's 30 minutes of a 24 hr day. I sit hours after working on my feet every day.

5. I'm a parent and it leaves me with no time for anything.- 💡 I recently decided to focus on what I CAN commit to for me! That is a 20 solid minutes a day, 5 days a week. If I can do more I will! I finally feel successful!

                                       💡 Maybe I do have the timeIphone: Your daily average screentime this week was 4hours 23 minutes.

6. Long Day and always tired -💡  Lauren Brooks The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells DVD has a 12 min fat blast. EVERYONE has the time and energy for 12 mins! IT’S JUST 12 minutes! 

7. I don’t have space to workout -💡  I do have enough space, I just need to be creative at times. And not drop a bell through my hardwood floors.


Do any of these excuses resonate with you? How did these excuses get turned around for my members?

Obviously Covid has had a hard impact on indoor workout facilities. My gym has always been outdoors so those that could safely social distance and are local to San Diego, could physically join us. BUT... those that are not local and joined my 21 Day Squat Challenge realized that they could continue on in Lauren's Playground, my online virtual gym, and receive endless hours of workouts and live workouts via zoom. The squat challenge introduced people to the community that they were missing due to Covid that is so supportive and fun.

You deserve to be in control of your health. You have heard me say this before, strength is a choice. Our community will help you keep going on the days you don't feel dedicated. If exercise were easy, everyone would do it. Sometimes you need a push, or an understanding ear, or an accountability buddy (or buddies).

If you think you don't have the space, you do! You do not need much at all. Kettlebells are at Walmart and most of you have a Walmart near you if you are in need of a kettlebell. If you are creative, you have the space to do my workouts. You can go indoors, outdoors, move the coffee table, etc. You don't even need fancy workout clothes. Even in the squat challenge, people wore pajamas or came home from work and went right at it in their work clothes. It's even better to feel the ground with your bare feet rather than wear shoes.

If you think you don't have time, you have definitely not seen what you can do in 5 minutes or less! Lauren's Playground has many very effective workouts that you can do while you are waiting for water to boil for your dinner, or on your lunch break and STILL have time for lunch! One of my members had a lightbulb moment when she realized that she spent 4 hours a week on her phone alone and she actually did have time!

Are you too tired? Do you work at night? The beauty of it is that my members noticed that kettlebell strength training will help you sleep better and give you more energy! So don't hide those kettlebells like one of our members used to do, put them out front and center even if it is in front of your tv!

Lastly, let's talk about boredom. Many members were bored with their previous routine. Even if they worked out with one of my DVDs, they would do one for 8 weeks straight and then lose interest. This particular member loves the variety you get in Lauren's Playground. No more boredom because you can choose whatever you want, whenever you want! Short on time? We have short workouts. Looking for a light day? We have that. Looking to get your arse kicked? We got that too! And a community that wants to go through it with you!

I want to give a shoutout to all of my members who had the "lightbulb moment" and joined Lauren's Playground. Excuses happen. Life happens, but you can take charge of your health just like they did. So what is stopping you? Join Lauren's Playground today before we close enrollment for a half a year! 

Happy Friday!




p.s. I'd love to hear some of your excuses you are currently using for yourself or in the past. Maybe how you dealt with it. As we know it is as continuous battle, but gets so much easier when you have a community and a plan! Let's just get it all out there!


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