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Kettlebell Workshop with Women's Self Defense in Houston

Learn how to be POWERFUL, FLEXIBLE, STRONG, LEAN, and Move better while having fun doing it. 

For the first time ever, Jay Armstrong and Lauren Brooks will be teaming up together in Houston, Texas to present a very unique Kettlebell Workshop.  This workshop will cover all the foundation kettlebell drills along with Women's Self Defense and extreme Joint Mobility!  You will not want to miss this combination workshop. 

If you have never met Jay you will be in for a treat.  

 Jay Armstrong, is not only an incredible kettlebell teacher, he is a mobility expert, and earned his 6th degree black belt.  Jay is an extremely talented individual and knows his stuff!  Learning from Jay will be a privilege. You really don't want to miss this!

Here is a little bit about Jay Armstrong

Tae Kwon Do:

Jay's enthusiasm and dedication to the Korean martial art, Tae Kwon Do, has earned him a 6th degree black belt from the World Tae Kwon Do Associate in Seoul Korea.  Jay has trained for nearly 20 years under 7 time Korean Champion, Grand Master Y. D. Park, for 2 years under undefeated world champion and 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist, Kuk Hyun Jung, and with the Korean National Team. Jay has competed numerous times in State and International Tae Kwon Do competitions. 

Jay started training with kettlebells in 2003.  He received RKC Level I and RKC Level II certification from Pavel Tsatsouline and was named RKC Team Leader in 2008.  Jay has also been certified as an AKC Coach under World Champion Valery Fedorenko.  Jay has received extensive kettlebell and mobility training from such industry notable figures as Pavel Tsatsouline, Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell, John DuCane, Nate Morrison, and Mike Mahler.  Jay is also CK-FMS certified in the Functional Movement Screening system for athletic movement skills.

Jay began Z-Health training with Dr. Eric Cobb in 2009.  He is Level IV certified (RIST) and is currently in the Z-Health Master Trainer program.

Lauren Brooks Miller RKC Team Leader, CK-FMS, CCN

Lauren Brooks has worked with and is responsible for inspiring thousands of people to pick up a kettlebell and use them without fear. With her laid back and non-intimidating teaching style, she has been sought out all over the world to teach kettlebells safely.  Due to her educational background and years of experience, she has developed a keen ability to quickly be able to assess movement patterns, break down instruction in an easy to understand, yet gentle and motivating approach.  Lauren is the creator of five highly regarded kettlebell DVDs that have been successful all over the world.  

  Lauren loves working with all individuals to bring out that inner athlete and transform peoples lives, but she truly is passionate about working with females and mothers. Lauren understands that females do have different needs.  While she feels that "Training Like a Man" is important and has it's place, it needs to be done wisely! Lauren enjoys watching her clients transform right beneath her eyes when it comes to incredible strength gains, fat loss, confidence, stamina, moving better and all over life happiness. 

To learn more about Lauren's certifications, educational background, and accomplishments visit her website at

To see what other's have said about Lauren's past workshops click here

Is this workshop for you? Here are some of the things  you will get out of it.

- You will learn the most cutting edge kettlebell drills that are current with the RKC system. 

- Anyone who wants to learn how to speed up recovery time and keep your joints young.   You definitely don't want to miss Jay's Joint Mobility portion.

- Anyone who has ever had an injury, surgery, or imbalance that wants to move better to prevent injuries, increase sports performance, and achieve results quicker.

- Those who want to achieve fat loss and incredible strength results quicker than ever before.

- Busy people that want to get the most out of their workouts in the shortest amount of time.

- Home exercisers that want to make sure they are working with kettlebells correctly and have a balanced program.

- Fitness coaches looking to add more exercises to their arsenal that provides extremely effective fat burning, muscular strength approach, and outstanding joint mobility drills.

- Learn how to unlock and take your flexibility to a new level.

- Integrate the power you learn with kettlebells to quick self defense moves that can save your life!

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this workshop is for you!

Sign up and reserve your spot below, space is VERY limited!  

Workshop price is $259
 Then it will go up to $329 Nov 1st, if there are any spots left!!

Jay/Lauren Kettlebell Workshop plus
Joint Mobility and Women's Self Defense

Time 9:30 - 2:30
Location: Houston / League City
629 Highway 3 South
League City, TX 77573

(ACE and NASM CEC's Available upon request) 

  It's starting to fill up so make sure you grab a spot.  Only a few Spots left!
Purchase here


Jilligan said…
please come to Idaho/Utah. Please, please pretty please!
Ann said…
and after Idaho, please please PLEASE Milwaukee!!!

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