Touched By This Gift

Today I received a surprise gift in the mail.  I recognized the name since I received this wonderful email from her before regarding my kettlebell DVD's.

"Hi Lauren!
First, I have to say that you are my introduction to kettlebells and I am glad I started here!  I have been through only 10 workouts and I am seeing a difference!  You make the kettlebell approachable and your training style and work along dvds are REALLY wonderful for teaching proper form and being motivating!  I am 43, mom of 3 girls, 118lb and 5'5".   After many types of exercise, supreme pilates, the Firm step videos, treadmill, Tracy Anderson Method... I realized I needed a program that  wasn't high impact  (old knees!) and that had cardio and weight training.  I found you!  I only use a 15lb bell but just ordered a 22lb off dragondoor and have your first 2 dvds.  I see that they will keep me busy for some time to come!  

Anyway, i will let you know of my progress as you may want to know that your program is changing lives here in Austin, tx!  I think you are from Texas too :)

Here is another follow-up after sending her a rotation for using the DVD's: 

 "The rotation is Wonderful!  Just what I needed! Never thought to do the practice of all of the exercises as a workout!  As I mentioned before, only 7 weeks in.  Never have I seen such quick results from any exercise plan before, and I have done them all, treadmill, gym, step aerobics, jogging.  I love your challenging workouts and look forward to swinging my 12kg!  Just did the 12 minute 2times this morning.  Thanks for the advice on the squats!"

Debi Lynch, Austin  TX

My husband hands me this little package from our business mailbox.  Inside is this gorgeous purple note with more beautiful thank you words!  Then inside a little beautifully wrapped gift box wrapped in my all time favorite colors of purple.  And now for the grand finale, something I have always wanted but would never have bought for myself!

A personalized HANDMADE silver pendant necklace with a kettlebell and my initials on the front and back!

THANK YOU so much Debi!!  You have no idea how much you made my day.  I will definitely be wearing this pendant everywhere!  I just checked out the website on Debi's stationary that was enclosed.  I am very impressed with the site   This website has tons of different kettlebell wear and handmade jewelry!  Such great gifts and happy to spread the word about this place since I LOVE my new gift!

Here is the website.  I just spoke to her and she said that she started all the kettlebell handmade gifts after falling in love with them through my workouts!  Such an honor to have inspired so many people! Just type in kettlebells on the search page and you will find tons of cool gifts for kettlebell lovers and pretty things. Here's the site again  


naturallyfit5 said...

Oh my gosh that is sweet!! I love that necklace! I've been wanting to get one with a kettlebell on it myself thanks for sharing this and the site:) The initials really add that special touch too.

Pensguys said...

Oh how Beautiful and thoughtful!!! You DO change lives!! :)

Pensguys said...

Oh how BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't wait to check out her site!!!

You DO change lives. :)

Debi said...

Thank you so much, Lauren.

I think it is so important to recognize those who touch our lives for the better. You do that for so many!

(Also, anyone who ends up ordering from my little shop will get free shipping- just mention Lauren sent you!)

Thank you again! debi

Kelli said...

How nice!
I have your first 2 DVDs, and would love to know what workout rotation you recommend.
Have you posted, or will you post, a bodyweight workout for traveling without equipment or just wanting to change up a routine?