My Review of the book "Live Life Aggressively! What Self Help Gurus Should Be Telling You"

Not very often do I make the time to read a book that doesn't have 100% to do with training or nutrition.  This book was one of the few I knew had an important message!   

Here are my thoughts!

This book is a true GEM! I highly suggest anyone who wants to actually do something with their lives. If you are sick of living a mediocre life, strive to be successful and happy, but live in fear to do something about it, this book will help with your paralyzing excuses. 

Mike has a special gift, in being able to make you take a serious step back and look at your own life. Even if it makes you upset about some of the choices you have made or habits you have picked up along the way. This book is not a cheese ball, feel good, cozy and warm inside self-help book. You may laugh and you may cry, but there is nothing I found written in this book that will waste your time. He shows you how to overcome failures and to strive to be your best, by also sharing his own experiences and failures. Mike pours his heart out and shares things in his life that he is not proud of. You really get to know him on a personal level and may relate to many of the obstacles he has had to overcome to become successful. Unlike other self help books, Mike will be brutally honest and cut right to the chase. He will tell you what you don't want to hear but need to hear! Stop being a follower and start becoming a leader. Mike's book may just be the wake up call you finally needed to go out and do something you have always dreamed of doing. 

As a fitness professional myself, I have met many people in the industry. To tell you the truth, I can only call a select few my real friend, and glad to say Mike is one of them. Since meeting Mike at the RKC in 2005 he has also been a major role model to me for my own success. Mike did not ask me to write this review. However, I was so impressed with this book, I wanted to take the time so others who want to live life to the fullest can take away what I was able to grasp from it. What makes Mike different from others is that he actually cares and enjoys helping people. We all know many people in the fitness industry or any industry in that matter, just want to make a quick buck! That is not what drives Mike. Otherwise the profits of this book wouldn't all be going to a great charity. He admits that it's nice to be comfortable and have a steady flow of income, which anyone would be crazy not to want. The real success and reward in life for him is dramatically changing peoples lives. He has achieved this for himself, with thousands of people, and now has shared his secrets and success in this very book. This book is the best tough love you can get. Now stop making excuses, get ready for a wild adventure, and start to "Live Life Aggressively"!

You can find more info about Mike Mahler's book right here.  

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