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Kettlebells: Twice the Results in Half The Time. (Check out this study)

Well I sure didn't need a research study to prove to me that using kettlebells will result in astounding  fat burning and strength results in half the time.  Upon discovering proper movement pattern training using kettlebell methods, it was clear to me when properly implemented in a balanced way, that one can get a killer workout in the most efficient way. Click on image below to see the entire study.

 Training methods that have worked well, will usually result in a mass of people jumping on the bandwagon.  When I first began using kettlebells, it was a rarity if someone knew what this hunk of iron was actually all about.

When I was fresh out of college, I was employed at a corporate gym as a personal trainer. The owner stopped me from teaching the kettlebell methods to their clientele. The owners believed the method looked dangerous and would scare off their clients. I knew deep down inside that this type of training was going to give these people a new found motivation where they'd see results quickly. When you first look at a cast iron kettlebell, because of the newness, naturally people may want to run the other direction. Once an open minded person is taught the correct technique in a very safe, fun, and non intimidating way, people become addicted to this way of training.

In the past 12 years I've had the opportunity to personally teach thousands of people how to use a kettlebell.  It's been such a rewarding experience and never gets boring to me. Each client has been very different and has taught me how to become better at what I do. Little tricks I've learned along the way to teach someone the basic moves in a more efficient way. Kettlebell type training draws in the full spectrum of individuals. Male and Female, all ages from 10-90, Extreme Athletes, Sedentary people, Post Rehab, Pre and Postnatal, you name it!! It really is for most people. Although, like anything.

Now everyone knows what a kettlebell is. You can find them in corporate gyms and many of the fancy gyms all over. The only scare is many trainers who don't know the proper technique are using it with their clients. More injuries are occurring due the lack of knowledge and fault the kettlebell as a dangerous tool. When in fact it's one of the safest methods around when the person knows what they are doing. It's a shame that many of the foundation exercises are getting watered down when taught by someone unqualified, therefore losing it's value.

 If you are new to kettlebells and you want to get the real benefits from them, make sure you get a lesson from a certified kettlebell instructor with a good track record. An instructor that is known for their teaching skills and not just for their own kettlebell skills. With more and more kettlebell "certification" clinics opening up, the standards are naturally coming down.

With all of this said, go head and check out the study that was done.  If this doesn't make people want to begin their journey in to  kettlebell training I don't know what will!

You can view the kettlebell study here  "Kettlebells : Twice the Results in Half the Time?"

To learn them properly and with a solid program we just released OnDemand online kettlebell classes for the complete beginner as well as have options for all levels. You can find instruction and classes how to get started at Lauren's Playground. Or check out my DVD videos, programs and downloads/streaming options. I also offer online coaching for people who need much more of a personalized touch. These programs have helped thousands of people not only learn how to use them safely, but get people to fitness goals of fat loss, strength, and confidence they never knew could be possible.


Ellen said…
Hi Lauren,

Great article. I did a lot of research before purchasing a kettlebell this past month and was directed by MANY people to get YOUR video for proper instruction and form. I'm ready to start safely and hope to make great progress. Your blog is a huge inspiration. I'll check back in periodically to let you know how I'm doing!
Meghan said…
I love using kettlebells! It makes me feel badass and graceful at the same time. It has been especially empowering to swing and press my kettlebell during my pregnancy. Learning the deadlift and swing is simple enough but the clean took me awhile and the snatch was just coming together for me before I got pregnant. It feels so rewarding to learn the movements and the results are fast! I am very excited to get back into kettlebells again post-baby and get back in bikinis!

BTW, I may be a bit of a snob but the only KB certification I take seriously is RKC. In fact that is how I found out about you, Lauren. :) I wouldn't feel good training or learning KBs from anyone who isn't RKC certified; RKC is the gold standard.
Awesome article Lauren. Keep kickin' butt!!!
KARYN said…
I might have to seriously print this up and hand it out to people who insist that I should be doing cardio along with KB's because "kettlebells aren't enough by themselves", or "you would get better results if you added jogging to your work out."
I have a hard time convincing people!! They ask me what I'm doing and then they don't believe me. I send them all to
karyn said…
oh, and Meghan said it perfectly. Badass and graceful, couldn't have said it better!!
Jen said…
Thanks so much for sharing, Lauren! I do kettlebells mostly because of the enjoyment factor (which is super high when it comes to your workouts :)), so it's good to know that they're also extremely effective!
tnthudson said…
Hey Lauren,
I first heard of kettlebells from DragonDoor Publications, which led me to read Pavel's 'Enter the Kettlebell.' Subsequently, I responded to an offer to get your first "Ultimate Body Sculpt" DVD. Then, I was able to attend a class with three RKC instructors locally.
Between these sources, I was struck at how detailed and technical the instruction was, and how much easier and safer (and fun) it made working out with kettlebells.
I loved your first video and even had my kids working with me while watching it; very good instruction, well done! I can't wait to see what your second video is like.
Anonymous said…
I've been using kettlebells since 2005, first with group class instruction and then, when I felt more confident, using DragonDoor videos and yours. I cringe when I see them used at the CrossFit gym or by enthusiasts at the local Y. I'm happy for their enthusiasm, but their form is so poor that they will be their own worst enemy, and ultimately become denouncers of the best fitness tool available due to ignorance and injury.

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