Do You Have the Right Combination for Fat Burning?

To check out this short article click on Kettlebell Inc Magazine. There are some great articles in this online magazine. Such as one from Mike Mahler discussing Kettlebells for MMA fighters and Coach Paule Steel talking about Kettlebells and Tennis. Just goes to show you that kettlebell training carries over in almost EVERY activity. No reason not to do it!


Christine said...

Nice article Lauren. I am trying to write one myself to get the word out about Kettlebells around here (it is almost non-existent). You gave me some good straight to the point ideas. Thanks!

Lauren said...


That's awesome that you are getting a kettlebell article together. It will definitely help spread the word. Kettlebells have quickly become so popular here in SoCal. I'm sure it will take a bit longer in the NJ area.

Hope you're well and thank you!

Franz Snideman said...

Awesome! Great to see you spreading your influence Lauren! Keep it up!

How is the pregnancy going?

Lauren said...


Thanks! Pregnancy is going well. We will be finding out the sex this time around. We find out on Ben's birthday Sept 24th. Ben is hoping for a boy this time. I'll keep you updated.

How is Marianna doing? Any new milestones?