RKC Level 2 Weekend

First I want to thank everyone for such a great weekend. I had an awesome time meeting so many wonderful people. It's just so nice to get together with a group of people that love kettlebells as much as you do. I wish I took more pictures but unfortunately I was pretty sick for the most of the workshop. I some how managed to pull through and pass, but my face was a little green.

More details of why I was vomiting and sick to my stomach for most of the trip to follow.

Fawn was so nice to have a bbq at her house on Friday night. I got a chance to hang out with Tracy and RIf (such a great couple), Fawn and Aaron, Kettlebell Kate, Christine (my new friend from New Jersey), Taikei who came all the way from Japan, and some of Fawn's friends. Thanks again everyone for a great evening.

Seeing Lyla after not seeing her for 4 days was the best feeling in the world. It's definitely nice to be back. But unfortunately I am still pretty sick and have been in bed most of the time. I managed to teach a couple clients yesterday and a class, but tonight I had Robert Bud Level 2 RKC come in and teach for me. It worked out great. I normally try and do everything myself but I haven't been able to hold much food down so my body is telling me to rest.

On a happier note there is hopefully good to come out of all of this.


Tracy said...


You have the only copy of this picture that shows you with your eyes open! lol I have three....all with your eyes closed!

Hope to see you agian soon!

Lauren said...


I know I kept blinking. I must have been too tired to keep my eyes open. 8-)

Maybe I'll see you in August. I have to be in LA that weekend for a family reunion. Keep me posted.

Rapid Results Fitness said...

Lauren, It was a pleasure meeting you in person at the meet and greet at RKC Level II!I know at times you were feeling sick. I hated that for you because what little I know of you I know it wsn't your style to give into feeling bad. You said it best about listeening to your body and that you did! Glad it all turned out well and I am wishing you the very best with your 2nd pregnancy. Please keep me posted as I really did enjoy our conversations! Take care and I hope to see you again soon! Betsy Collie

Lauren said...


It was wonderful meeting you as well. I really enjoyed talking with you. It was a shame that I was so sick and didn't get a chance to really be involved in the social gatherings the rest of the weekend. I will have to make up for it next time we see each other. Turns out I had Salmonella poisoning! Wasn't even morning sickness. Craziness. Let's keep in touch!!