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Inspiring Moms to workout with Kettlebells did an interview with me regarding kettlebells, fitness, nutrition, while being a mom. This is a wonderful site dedicated to inspiring moms to be fit and healthy. Just up my alley. If you are a mom or a husband, son, or daughter trying to encourage the woman you love to get moving check out this site.

Click on this link to see it. One fit mommy and her kettlebell: Lauren Brooks


Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you!!!
Anonymous said…
posted it there---but wanted to here as well YOURE SO AMAZING!!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you so much!
Anonymous said…
Wow Lauren.

Your the bomb! Congratulations. Hope your feeling better these days.
My greatest respect for you, as 50lb Kettlebells swings at CrossFit training WOD are ALWAYS the routine that make me puke and almost pass out!
I keep thinking of you effortlessly spinning them around like paper weights, while your pregnant!

Best, Rivak Hoffman
Robin said…
Hi Lauren - it was a great article. You are such an inspiration...especially to us mommies. I have read a couple of articles about you lately and it is really giving me the fever for a kettlebell! I even had a dream that you were training me last night. LOL

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. That was really nice. :)
Lauren Brooks said…

I wouldn't go that far saying they feel like paper weights. 8-) Glad you are doing swings though. Thanks again!
Lauren Brooks said…

I guess your dreams are telling you what you need to do. 8-) It's time to try kettlebells. Let me know if you have any questions on getting started.

Great dream by the way! Was I tough on you? LOL
Robin said…
Lauren - yeah. I'm going to have to break down and get one. I do have a question for you. I plan on buying one of GoFit's kettlebells (they are less expensive, and I can pick one up at Target.) If I like it, then I may invest in a better one. My question is about size. Theirs come in 5 pound increments. Should I get the 15 pound or the 20 pound? I workout regularly (strength and cardio) and have a 40 pound pre-schooler and a 25 pound toddler that I am constantly picking up swinging, etc. Sometimes both of them at once. I think I am probably stronger than the average woman, but not crazy strong. I don't want to go too heavy, but I also don't want to out grow the bell in a few weeks.

I found your videos on, and those have been super helpful.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lauren Brooks said…
HI Robin,

When first beginning most of the women I start with use an 18lb but many are able to swing a 26lb right away. You may be fine with the 20lb with the background you have told me. But for some overhead lifts to begin with it might be challenging.

Even if a bell ends up getting too light for you there are always other exercises you can do with it. There ways to make it more challenging. I am always using different weights for different exercises. Let me know if you have any questions.

So glad to hear the video clips have been helpful to get you started. Once your form comes together you will really start enjoying yourself and see some wonderful results. 8-)
azusmom said…
Great article!
I got a kettlebell yesterday, and received your DVD in the mail today. Can I just say, the 12 minute workout is AMAZING!!!!! Thank you!
Lauren Brooks said…

That's awesome that you already got a chance to do one of the workouts. So glad you loved it. Thank you very much. Enjoy!
workout mommy said…
thanks for the nice review of my site!

Anonymous said…
I LOVED your guest appearance on Lisa's blog. I'm a first time mom to DD, 6 months old. I gained 82 pounds! I'm down 42 but I have 36 more to go. I am now DYING to try kettlebells!

Quick question, since I have been on such a long hiatus with my fitness training, would you recommend the 10lb or 12lb? I'm thinking one of those two would be ideal for a beginner kettelbell'r like me and the fact I havent lifted a weight in over a year. :-O
Lauren Brooks said…

Congratulations and thank you! I recommend you starting with a 16 or 18lb bell. You will be surprised at how strong your hip power is. I have started my 65 year old women swinging an 18lb bell. So I have complete faith that you can use at least a 16lb bell for most exercises. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Feel free to email me as well at
Lauren Brooks said…

Your site is just so great and very inspiring. I am sure it keeps you very motivated as well.
Anonymous said…
18 pounds?! wow, really? seems like a lot but I understand where you are coming from. I'll give it a go. Thanks so much. I'll also save your email address, I have a feeling i'll be needing it. :) Blessings and Namaste.
Lauren Brooks said…

It does seem like a lot. But when you are swinging it with your hips it should feel on the light side. If you are a bit intimidated then you can try the 15 or 16 pounder to be on the safe side.

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