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My Little Lyla is 18 months today! Pregnancy update.

Lyla has developed so many amazing milestones in the last 3-5 months. She went from crawling to walking, she is now saying so many words and repeating us, and is just the cutest most affectionate little girl. It's so weird when I actually sit down and think about her how emotional I get. She means the absolute world to me and it's so hard for me to imagine that I can ever love any child as much as her. I almost feel bad for the baby inside me because I am so in love with Lyla. I have talked to several moms and I guess this is a common feeling. But once the next baby comes you fall in love all over again. Which is so hard to imagine for me because my heart is filled with my Lyla.

11 Weeks Pregnant and my Kettlebell Workout (will provide a picture soon)

So all the morning sickness talk was not even morning sickness. It turns out I had Salmonella poisoning. The baby and I are fine but it was not a fun week. I lost over 8 pounds that week and was so depleted. I have now gained it all back but it hasn't been easy. I am just now starting to be able to work out again. That little set back put me behind and it really did a number on my emotions. When you are pregnant you NEED to do some type of workout for your mental well being and I was unable to do that. Therefore my body and mind were depressed and tired. I had to change my eating habits because I couldn't even stomach anything "healthy". I ended up eating pizza twice for the first time in over a year along with other not so healthy foods. Wow it tasted good but my stomach sure didn't like it. So I have managed to get myself back on track now that I am feeling better. WOO HOOO!

Here is a workout I did with my class today. It felt really good and balanced.

Double Suitcase Deadlifts 16kg's 12 reps x 3
Kettlebell Push Ups 5 reps x 3
Swings 16kg 20 reps x 3

Pullovers 12kg 12 reps x 3
Clean and; Press 12kg 6 rep per side x 3
High Pull, Squats 12kg 10 reps x 3

Renegade Rows 12kg's 5 per side x 3
Snatches 16kg 8 per side x 3
Janda Sit Ups 6 x 3

If you are looking for a follow along workout kettlebell DVD designed for pregnant woman check out this DVD here


Robin said…
Yikes! Salmonella poisoning? That's the worst...even when you aren't pregnant. Glad you are feeling better.

My little girl just turned 20 months. :) They are so fun at this age. I wish I could make her stop growing for just a little bit. The moms that you talked to are right. You don't think there is any way you could love another as much, but you do.
Christine said…
Holy Crap was it from what we had for dinner????? We ate the same thing! Well, after all that, maybe it's not a boy! haha Glad to hear you are finally doing better and enjoying everything again!
Lauren Brooks said…

They are so much fun at this age. I wish I could keep her hear to. But I also am looking forward to the potty training stage because I don't want to be changing two kids diapers. So I'm torn. 8-)
Yes it's good to hear that you do end up loving the other one just as much. Wow am I going to have my hands full. I'm sure you know!
Lauren Brooks said…

I really don't know what it's from. It's hard to say because some people can get traces of Salmonella and never show signs. My body isn't at it's highest defenses because I'm prego. So maybe I was more susceptible to whatever went in to my body. It's a mystery. They said the incubation period is 12-36 hours so it could have been a number of things.

Either way I'm all good now so that is what counts! Thank you. 8-)
Anonymous said…
I am so glad you're feeling better..what a crazy experience! The pic of Lyla is SO's only been a little over a month since I saw her, but I feel like she's grown so much! I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks :) xoxox
Lauren Brooks said…

Me too! I can't wait to see you as well. It will be a fun weekend that is needed for all of us. Miss you!
Lauren, whoa... not morning sickness after all. So glad to know you are feeling better, getting the food you need and having some excellent kb practices. Thanks for the update!-Kate
Anonymous said…

feel better,

Miz., who actually found the potty training not too bad but is convinced her Toddler will be in diapers at night until prom.
Lauren Brooks said…

Yes I know! I had a feeling it was more than just a sudden bout of morning sickness. I will be keeping you updated. Thanks again! 8-)

Hope you are doing well!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thanks! I just ordered a potty for Lyla. So I'm crossing my fingers that this stage wont be too difficult. But you never know!
Franz Snideman said…
Awesome stuff Lauren! Lyla is precious!
workout mommy said…
she is adorable!

I hope you are feeling MUCH better this week.

Too bad I can't say the same for my hamstrings! I did your DVD last night and it is AWESOME!

Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren

glad to read you are feeling better and the baby is fine. salmonella is no joke! Lyla is so so cute! they grow so fast. walking and talking, its amazing.

I am in the process of finishing watching your DVD--got sidetracked with school work, but form what I have seen thus far it is fantastic. I already have learned new exercises and corrected some stuff and lost two lbs last week, incorporating one of the workouts from the dvd. You'll have mail this weekend :) How is Ben doing? Hope he is well and congrats on Lyla's 18 month bday! Regina
Alice said…

Oh my... Upon first getting pregnant this time I started craving all sorts of junk foods. I normally eat so well, it was embarassing and my body did not like it... yet, the only thing that did not make me want to vomit was... well PIZZA!
Just shameful.

As for loving baby #2 as much, I will tell you what you have already heard. There isn't a set amount of love in your heart that gets divided with the number of children you have. It just keeps multiplying itself... Being a mom is so amazing that way.

And yes! Pregnant moms totally should exercise, even a little bit helps!
Lauren Brooks said…
Workout Mommy,

Great you did the DVD? Sorry about your hamstrings. 8-) Just keep doing it and you wont feel the soreness like that anymore. No need to wait until there not sore to use your kettlebell again.

Thank you for the comment about Lyla. I do have fun with her! 8-)
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you! Marianna is precious as well! 8-)
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you for sharing this with me. It's crazy the amount of cravings I have been having. At least I am feeling like I am back on track for the most part.
Just getting the hang of getting back in to my routine.

I can't wait to see what it feels like to have my love double! I'm sure there are no words for that feeling.
Lauren Brooks said…

Yes Salmonella sucks!!! I am glad you got a chance to start the DVD. Wonderful news with losing a couple pounds. Keep the up the good work.

Ben is hanging in there. Still in and out of the hospital every other month. 8-( One day we'll get through it.
Looking forward to hearing about more results from you!

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