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Dealing with the Fires

First I want to start off with a positive note. I feel extremely lucky to have a home to come back to. My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes and valuables in the fire. It is hard to feel sorry for myself when people have it so much worse. This has been an eye opener this week. It really puts things in to perspective.

On Monday Oct 22nd, I woke up smelling smoke at 6:00a.m. I looked outside and there was ashes falling and a red haze in the sky. I immediately turned on the TV and on every station there was BREAKING NEWS wild fires. I phoned my friend Laura that lives 10 minutes from me. She had been evacuated at 5 a.m. from her home. It then occured to me that I better start thinking about what is important to me. I knew as long as I have my family including my 2 cats, that is all I would need. I got a knock on my door as I was sitting there in shock. It was my neighbor from across the street inviting me over to their home so we can breathe cleaner air. They have a special air filtration system so their air was much better than the air in my home. I decided to take them up on their offer since I was already starting to get a sore throat. I grabbed my baby and put a blanket over her head. Then I ran across the street as quickly as possible. It smelled so bad it was like swimming in an ash tray.

Several hours later, some neighbors came to the door saying they were getting evacuation calls. So I ran back across the street and got my husband out of bed. He at this time, was dealing with an extremely painful migraine. I let him know what was going on and he got up, but said he needed to take a bath!! I wasn't in the happiest moods hearing this. Then we packed up our important documents, baby gear, waters, and our cats. We filled up our car and drove to Laguna. To make a very LONG story short I am now back at my house in Encinitas. The air quality is extremely poor and we have been told to stay in doors. All schools in San Diego have been cancelled for the whole week. I am definitely going stir crazy since I haven't been able to be outside since Sunday. My days have been spent watching the news and waiting until the conditions are somewhat healthy for me to return. Talking to loved ones to make sure everyone is okay. Rescheduling all clients and who knows when it will be safe to workout outside again.

Life can be crazy some times! It's wonderful to see this city really work together and become a close community. Sometimes it takes disasters to bring people together. In the end none of the material stuff matters. Having my friends and family are the most important thing to me! Thank you everyone for all the phone calls and emails!


Anonymous said…
Do you really live in Encinitas? The city wasn't evacuated, only the Olivenhein portion. So, why did you have to race away from the city. Anyhow, glad you are still alive, babe.
Anonymous said…
your previous comment is lame. encinitas was evacuated. glad you and the family are safe and back home. san diego is a great city and i am glad to be a san diegan.
Howie B said…
Hi Lauren, so sorry to hear what and the rest So Cal have been going through. Believe me, even here in NY we feel for you and our hearts and wishes are with you. Glad to know that you are all ok. Take care of yourselves now and there will be plenty of time to run circuits later.
Lauren Brooks said…
Anonymous #1,

Yes I do live in Encinitas. I am actually walking distance to Olivenhein if you must know. But when my neighbors were getting phone calls from the sherriffs deparmtment mentioning evacuations I wasn't going to sit around and take any chances especially with a baby. The entire neighborhood was packing up and leaving. Even the nearest Starbucks in ENCINITAS closed. When a Starbucks closed you know there is something going on!
Lauren Brooks said…
Anonymous #2,

Thank you for that comment! We do live in a great city.
Lauren Brooks said…

Living in NY, I am sure you know how it feels for a community to come together. Thanks you for the kind wishes. My workouts outside will resume once the poor air quality clears. Now that I am home maybe I'll try and find sometime to get a little KB session inside.
christina said…
How scary it must have been. But i'm glad to hear you are able to go home even with the bad air. I can not begin to imagine seeing that all over the news and being in the middle of it all. Hopefully Cali will get a break from the fires so you can all start to breathe a sigh of relief and fresh air.
fawn said…

I am glad to hear you and your family are safe! How stressful! Things will get better... I'm sure you already know that.
Glad to hear that you and your family are OK! We have been thinking about you.
Lauren Brooks said…
Christina, Fawn, and Rick,

Thanks so much for your thoughts and concerns. Things are better already around here. Air is almost back to normal.
fawn said…
Good to hear Lauren! Are you going to the RKC II 2008?
Lauren Brooks said…

I am strongly considering it. I just have to make sure I have the funds for it since I am investing a lot in to my garage transformation. I am 85% sure I will be able to go. How about yourself?
wow, glad to hear that you and your family are ok. they were all over the news here in the Northeast.
Kettlebell Lady said…
Prayers from Jersey...
Glad you're OK!

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