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Strength Workout today

I am going to start implementing a system to keep me more well rounded with my exercises. As much as I believe you should only have a few goals at a time, I am not going to be competing in anything anytime soon. So for me to be well rounded it's important for me to work weekly on explosive strength, maximal strength, interval training, endurance training, isometrics, and more. Unless someone is training for a specific strength competition or a marathon, I am starting to change my views on training. We all know our bodies will adapt to the same type of training.

Today my workout was dedicated to strength. It took about 30 minutes to complete. Rested 45-60 seconds in between exercises to be fresh for each set. Always made sure there was 2 reps left in the bank. Practice needs to be perfect! Next time I will add weight to the double squats since 8 reps is high for a strength workout.

A1 Ring Pull ups 3 reps 4 sets
A2 Double Front Squats 12kg's 8 reps 4 sets

B1 Double Clean and Press 12kg's 5 reps 3 sets
B2 Snatch 16kg 8 reps 3 sets

C1 Ab wheel roll outs 10 reps 3 sets
C2 One Arm Push ups on 18 inch box 3 reps 3 sets

Pistol 8kg 1 rep each side (body felt tired) should have done this in the beginning!


Franz Snideman said…
solid workout Lauren. I love to superset exercises. nice program design!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks Franz! I haven't done supersets for awhile so it was a very nice change for my body and mind! I'm feeling it today though.
Howie B said…
Nice job. I've now started the Enter the Kettlebell program. My Variety days will look something like this workout. I really do need to mix in my ab wheels though too.
Hannah Gwyn, NC said…
Admire your work. The knowledge you impart & the workouts you share. I SO dig that you disclose your thoughts & sense re: what's revealed to you during workouts. Cool, helpful inspiring;nonpareil. And how you've (all along) explained & interpreted its science - both anecdotal & empirical. My past two trainers -Tim Anderson & Sara Cheatham - impressed upon me the art the perfecting, and the sustainability of this centuries old tool.You're like my 3rd trainer. Thanks.

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