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Interval Training Day

Today was my interval training day. I had planned to do kettlebell swings and snatches. My baby needed my full attention this morning and was resisting her nap. I knew my plan of swinging bells was not going to happen. Instead of just not doing anything, which many times happens, I had to be flexible and figure out another way. Those who have babies will know that putting them in a stroller will usually put them to sleep. So I decided to kill two birds in one stone. I put Lyla in the jogger, grabbed my stopwatch, and left the house. Lyla fell asleep within 5 minutes and I was then ready to expel some energy. I wanted to run fast but only for a minute at a time. I decided to do 1 minute intervals of running and fast walking for about 35 minutes.

Pushing a stroller and running up the hills were just as challenging on my heart as swings and snatches . I have never been one to love running long distances. I somehow completed a half marathon before, but don't have any intentions of doing so again. The 1 minute intervals of running and walking turned out to be a perfect workout! It was fun having the timer tell me when it was ok to stop and go. The interval times were short enough to keep me motivated.

This post is to remind me that there are no excuses! Sometimes things just don't go as planned. I have had to learn to go with the flow!


Howie B said…
Sweet! My wife, although not sprinting, recently started adding hills to her walks with our little guy. And she can feel the difference! (Now if I could just get her to start using the 8kg kb more often...)

I know you mentioned Ross Enamait before. I have his Never Gymless book. It is great. Provides one with all kinds of options for getting things done no matter where you might be.

Oh yeah, and did sleep in today... till 5:50am!!! =)
Lauren Brooks said…

That's great that your wife starting adding hills. It makes such a difference. I have Ross's Never Gymless book as well. I agree with you that it is great! It has definitely inspired me to be much more versatile with my training. He is quite an athlete.

Sleeping in to 5:50 a.m. is not what I call sleeping in, but glad you are happy with it. My daughter has been waking me up at 5:30 a.m. now. 8-(
-aka- Chev said…
Keep the motivation going. Nice blog. I started using my son as a kettlebell...sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Have a good one,
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you. I'm sure your son has fun when you use him as a kettlebell. It's all about creativity.
Anonymous said…
this timer i discovered works fantastically for any interval workout. Its inexpensive too. I think the only place you can buy it is at

Good luck

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